Ascended 2* Heros - Keep or use to level up 4* Heros?

Hello All,
“Newish” player question here.

Is there any reason I should keep my leveled up 2 Star Heros or should I just level them into my 4* Heros?

One day, the summon gate will HOPEFULLY give me a 5* Hero… ( not holding my breath on that though)

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No reason to keep 2* heros unless you dont have better 3* heros. The event this week needs 3* or less heros for beginner


Thanks for the input.
I do appreciate it.

And now, another “noobish” question Dustin - I am on version 1.8 but don’t have any kind of Event happening other than my usual Quests , Raids and Titan Battle. Where do I look to find that event?

It’ll come up later this week. The reminder will show up!

Great point on keeping them for the event if you don’t have a full team of leveled 3* for the event.

I was searching Forum for answer to my question, and this old thread is closest I have found. Question:

With all the NEW game stuff in 2018 and 2019- Are there ANY game EVENTS, side quests, Tournaments, raid tournaments, etc etc that REQUIRE the use of 2 star heroes?

I have enough 3 and 4 * heroes in my roster, so want to get rid of the old max 2*… just worried that they are needed for somethings. Thanks for any information.

I’m fairly new myself.
I did keep two of them, Layla, with some emblems, useful in puple stacks, and in my last war team, along with Jin? The panda healer also in my last war team.(nice to have a healer in a yellow stack.)
It also depends on your roster, at some point i will recycle them.
In brief as long that there’s a use for them, keep them.
Have fun.

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Currently no event/quest in this game requires 1* or 2* heroes. They were testing 1* and 2* tournaments in beta, although it’s not clear whether it will be introduced to the game - please see this thread for reference.
Considering how easy it is to obtain and max 2* heroes, I’d recommend not keeping them at this moment.


It depends on your roster if you have still use for them. But you can do everything with 3 star heroes.
For the moment I’m keeping an emblemed Toril because my barbarian class is rather weak and I also have only two maxed blue 3 stars so I can still use him in the tournament

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Thank you all for the replies.
I have a decent roster of 3 stars (and 4 stars).
For now, I’ll just keep one of each color (Layla Zudak etc), until I run out of hero capacity.
I don’t have a good roster when it comes to Class (barbarian, druids etc), so these few 2 stars may have a use for now. But will dump soon as I build up.
Thanks again!

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