Ascended 2* Heros - Keep or use to level up 4* Heros?


Hello All,
“Newish” player question here.

Is there any reason I should keep my leveled up 2 Star Heros or should I just level them into my 4* Heros?

One day, the summon gate will HOPEFULLY give me a 5* Hero… ( not holding my breath on that though)


No reason to keep 2* heros unless you dont have better 3* heros. The event this week needs 3* or less heros for beginner


Thanks for the input.
I do appreciate it.

And now, another “noobish” question Dustin - I am on version 1.8 but don’t have any kind of Event happening other than my usual Quests , Raids and Titan Battle. Where do I look to find that event?


It’ll come up later this week. The reminder will show up!


Great point on keeping them for the event if you don’t have a full team of leveled 3* for the event.