✧Ascendancy✧ Rare Spot Open

We have one spot in ✧Ascendancy✧ As time has gone on our needs have changed.

  • 10* titans, capped (kill all rares)
  • fun & focused low drama group
  • Mercing encouraged
  • 4600+ war defense TP
  • 25+ 5* heroes
  • small wars (16 member soft cap, 18 hard cap)
  • loose and easy war strategy
  • 60-16 war record (we don’t “shuffle”)

If you like to kill titans fast and dominate at war, hit me up, please. Here or Line ID: tsataya

@Guvnor would you be a dear and merge this to our closed topic, please? Thank you! :hugs:

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Closed & unlisted the old ones so you can start afresh :slight_smile:

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