✧Ascendancy✧ - 18 member cap



10* Titans (capped)

A small group of players have decided to try something different- we intend to cap our members at 15 strong, to keep wars small, interesting and fun, and our titans at 10*, to get mats but not expend crazy materials. We are chatty and enjoy playing together- even though the alliance is newly formed we have been together over six months.

We don’t care about your cups, but you should be war ready and know you can do 150k total damage on average to 10* titans.

If this sounds like a fun way to play, send me a message here or on Line: tsataya, or hop in in-game to chat.


Interesting concept. Good luck.


Thank you! It’s been fun so far!

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Hey, all! We are decidedly smashing those 10* and have gone 7-0 in war. We have a couple spaces for anyone who thinks this would be fun. Just an update! Slay em all wherever you are :blush:

You guys will most likely continue to go undefeated in war btw but I’m guessin u knew that?

By no means is that expected but it’s been fun while it lasts! I expect to regroup and come back strong the day the streak ends.

If you’re takin down 10* with a 15 man roster, means you guys are deep benched and most likely king of the mountain in your given 15man war bracket

It’s been a loophole used for awhile to fill war chests faster

Alliances all the way at the top to the bottom do it

I’ll be surprised if you guys have a loss

Last 20 man team i knew of doin such a thing went on like a 25 win streak before deciding to step up to an actual challenge and filled up to 30 members then climbed all the way up to top 30 wars before war dropping again cause they couldn’t chain wins anymore

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Not to belabor the point but we can take down 10’s sub 15 members. Having a few more makes the pressure less. Yes, most have decently deep benches, like a lot of people who have been playing for a while.

The point is not to find a loophole but to have fun our own way regardless of how Small Giant tells us to play. We are still undefeated in war and the last few opponents were well matched. Thank you for your thoughts!

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Small name change to better reflect the personality of the alliance. May your day be blessed and your summing portal too!

I like the idea…If my alt were ready, I would come over and try it out!

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We will be here when you are ready!

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Now with fresh war chest! This is a limited time offer!

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