Ascend Zeline after the next nerf?

I am now able to ascend a green 5* and I have Zeline as well as Kadilen but I fear, after her next nerf she could not be as worthwhile as Lianna for example. What are your thoughts about that and what do you guys know from beta?

Zeline is still amazing. The debuff mostly affects her on raid defense, so you shouldn’t notice a difference in active play.

We will see if the nerf makes it out of beta. There have been a lot of player comments on this subject.

Zeline and Lianna serve different roles. If the choice is between those two, it has to be made in the context of “who else do you have?” Zeline’s ability to strip enemy buffs is unique and uniquely valuable. Many heroes snipe well.

As between Kadilen and Zeline, there is no doubt in my mind that Zeline is the better of the two, even if Zeline is nerfed. But I think Kadilen is overdue for a buff.

I’m sure that Zeline will be still useful and that she’s much better than Kadilen, but I don’t know if I should go with Zeline or Lianna. It took me 10 month to get 6 mysterious tonics.

I dont have zeline myself, but really like Lianna and so far there are no sights that she`s gonna be nerfed any day soon :slight_smile:

If I just could ascend one of them, Zeline or Lianna?

For me theese questions are an indicator for a good game. There is no right or wrong.
So it depends on your aims and playing style and your other heroes and…:thinking: