Ascend two 4* or work on one 5*

I have 9 sturdy shields.

Alby will take 8 to fully ascend.

I also have Gad and Caed at 3/60.

I can get Alby to 2/60 pretty quickly. He’s at 1/40 right now. I have all mats.

Or I fight more four star months with Caed and Gad fully ascended and see how long it takes me to get 7 shields.


Depends on how many tonics you have… In general you should be getting atleast 3 shield per 1 tonic. So if you are low on tonics, definitely go for Caedmon 4.70, Alby 3.70, Gadeirus 4.70…the reason I put Alby before Gad is that his special is extremely usable even at 3.70. :slight_smile:


I have enough tonics to ascend Alby. One green 5* hero, which will be him first. I saved em up before starting to ascend him.

if you got enough mats for *5 then go for Alby


I use Alberich on 3/70 long time, and he is GREAT hero. Heal+mana gain is ok, but revive, incredible… I played battles when lose 4 hero, just stay with Alby, and finished game with full healt team. So, max your Alby fast as you can. (I get 3 Caedmon, one is 3/60, second is 1/1 and last I use for food, gues who? For Alby)


Alberich to 4/80 and then Caedmon. Normally I would do 4’s but there’s such a quality difference here. Alberich is amazing on attack and you will bring him everywhere. Made a short video of an Alberich comeback but until I can post them in full quality I won’t upload videos. I’ll get back to that project later. So yes this was won, you want all the defense and health you can get on him.


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