Ascend tools


Anyone know where to find Royal Tabbards for ascension?


Ascension items are random and can be found in:

  • Titan loot drops
  • Quests
  • Wanted chests*
  • Rare Elemental (purple) Wanted chests*
  • Mystic Vision

‘* Wanted chests refer to the three brown chests on the upper left of your main screen: monsters, heroes (Raid), and Titans.

Rare Wanted chests are when one of these three chests turn purple and an element (holy/yellow, dark/purple, ice/blue, fire/red, Nature/green) is given. You must fill the chest with 150 of these elemental monsters (usually on the map). The prize for these chests are usually much better than a regular chest and these rare chests are highly sought. Their appearance is random.


Personally I am not sure they are still made…lol. Been waiting on my last one for Hel for several months now.


For me, rings are the most rare ascension item. I think I’ve got 3 Tabbards over time. If I had a 5*, I might be tempted to buy a fourth. :wink:


Right, 4* are easier to ascend, but to get what you need for 5*, you’ll end up buying. Another player in same Allience needs Tabbards. I need 2 out of 4 warm capes for Magni and just got Joon, not looking forward to finding out what I’ll need for him. :flushed:


You’ll need 6 darts (and 8 orbs in total), sorry if you didn’t want to know :wink:

On the upside, I do have a maxed out joon and I haven’t paid anything for it - so it is possible!


part of the reason why i went crazy during the event.


Good to know, I have 5 orbs and no darts. But I’ll go for those killer challenge events now.