Ascend tiberius or sartana

Hi everyone

I only have enough ascension items for one. Who should I pick Tiberius (2/23) or Sartana (2/48). The rest of my main team is Leonidas 2/60, triton 3/51, Caedmon 3/51 and Scarlett 3/60. I’m working on Kiril 2/12 to replace triton. And I just got Gormek as another red. Another question, I have AM for Scarlett right now should I ascend her or start on Gormek and save AM for him. Since I have Tiberius I was thinking I should ascend her but I guess that depends on if I ascend Tiberius or Sartana. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


as far as mats do you have the tabbards? If not I would probably go Tiburtus.

Scarlet hits hard but is squishy. Gormek is tough but doesn’t hit so hard.

If you have the tabbards from above go Sartana and Gormek. If not Tiburtus and Scarlet. But Gormek should be ascended after Scarlet. The ramming pulverizer special is useful everywhere.

Do you have any other yellow? Leo is ok but needs a lot to ascend him to 80 where he is most useful.

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Thank for the quick reply.

I have 2 tabbards and I imagine it’s going to take me a while to get the rest that I need. That’s why I have been feeding Tiberius instead of Sartana ( her special is at 8) 10 feeders at a time to get his special up as quick as possible knowing that the AM to get Sartana to full is going to take a while. I just noticed today that I enough AM to ascent a purple hence the question. It makes sense to do Tiberius and Scarlett and that’s what I was originally going to do but Sartana hits so hard and I got excited when I saw that I could ascend a purple.

As for yellow I got Leo pretty quick so I he’s all I’ve used. I now have Chao 2/1 and just got Li Xiu. Which do you think I should focus on?

I have so many questions I could be on here for days :slight_smile:

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Even if you have the tabards you should do tiburtus first

Yeah I would max Tiburtus. Then when you get 4 more trap tools you can take Sartana to 70 depending what you pull.

I think I would go Li for yellow. Put her as a tank for a while. She works decent through platinum. She isn’t a long term solution and neither is Chao. Leo could be as he has been buffed and made a bit better. But you may pull something else.

Caedmon Triton/Kiril Li Tiburtus Scarlet would be a good lineup. Kiril is important as healers are very useful. And his buff is nice.

Thank you…you confirmed what I was thinking. I have another account where I have Kiril 3/60 and he’s one of my favorites. I was very excited when he popped out of my tc13 since I didn’t have a healer on that account.

Here are the heroes from my other account.

Who should be my main team?

Oops. I was trying to upload my roster but I did it wrong apparently

red - Boldtusk (tank)
Blue - Grimm or Sonya
Green - Gadeirus for now. Leave skittle alone for a while and maybe forever.
Yellow - WU!
Purple - Tiburtus or Sabina

Essentially you blue and purple have the same specials. Sonya hits and disspells enemy buffs, Sabina heals and disspells enemy buffs. Grimm and Tiburtus have the same special as well. Grimm is said to be the stronger one but a little squishy (hits hard).

Need to hope for a better Green. Caedmon or Buddy would be nice.

lineup could be

Gadeirus Sonya/Grimm Boldtusk Tiburtus/Sabina Wu

Wu isn’t so fantastic on defense.

Before you know it you will have lots of options to use. Here is my roster after about 11 months.

Wow…that’s a lot. I’ve been playing for around 2 months and have become a bit obsessed. It’s a fun game. I can’t wait until I have a few of each color to mix and match depending on the situation. Right now I’m focused on titans and raids. I feel like I’m stuck because I have to use the same heroes for everything.

I did a few pulls on the Christmas event hoping for buddy or any event hero for that matter but I wasn’t lucky. And this game I have come to realize is all about luck.

For a while you will use the same team for everything. That is normal. Once you start building a bench is when you can mix and match and figure out specials the work well together.

The game is a grind and takes time and patience.

Luck is a big part of the summons. I have been lucky and I have been unlucky. At this point I only pull during events and special events. Most regular heros are feeders for me now as you see.

This special event is nice because it is the whole month.

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Are you in a good alliance? That is the biggest part of the game in my opinion.

Yes…this game is a grind. I have the time not so sure about the patience but I know I can stick with this game for the long haul. I figured out a while ago that I’m going to have to stick with the same team for a while but that’s where my lack of patience comes into play.

My alliance is a young one where I’m one of the strongest members. I’ve been thinking I need to go to another one where the members are more experienced and chatty so I could learn more. I like my alliance members though so that’s the hesitation.

I was in the same situation in mine a while ago. I was growing and one of the strongest. I have stuck around (been there just over 300 days) and have seen improvement so I stay.

We have a mix of players and are in need of more serious players. By that I mean just players that show up and participate in wars and titans regularly.

We are killing 7* titans just about every time. We have gotten a few 8* and missed 2 out of 4 so far. But with titans sometimes it is about timing.

Early on I was leveling too many heros at a time. Then I was advised to choose one of each color and focus on them. That changed everything for me. It takes a bit more time but it was well worth it.

This is the best answer…

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My alliance is at 4* titans right now and for the most part everyone participates. Since I’m the unofficial leader and give the most advice to the other members, I’ve been on the forum reading everything. From reading i was lucky to learn early on to focus one hero at a time. Now I’m coming on trying to focus on a new hero and that’s where I’m confused since I have choices.

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You will get the handle on which heros with time. I still have to ask sometimes though to be honest.

The forum is a great place to find anything you need. There are so many helpful players. I have been helped so much along the way and now it is my turn to start giving back to the community when I can.

Well you have helped me so thank you. Like I said I’m full of questions , can’t think of any at the moment but I’m sure sooner rather than later I will be back on here asking.

See I already have another question. You said I should work on Li Xiu next as a tank but I also just got Kashhrek. It’s either work on him or skittleskull. So if I work on kashhrek wouldn’t Chao be better than Li Xiu

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