Ascend these or wait for S3

With Season 3 coming and the inevitable power creep with it, are any of these 4 heroes good choices to max? Or should I wait?

My roster.

Current 5* project is Momma North. Jabberwock will get tabbards as soon as I get them.

Magni and Richard are definitely worth the 4th tier and you also don’t have legendary blue snipers.

Maybe try for that upcoming water DoT HotM, but I wouldn’t rely on it.

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I will wait to see if I can grab vela. If I do not would you recommend Magni before Richard?

If you don’t need a blue war tank, it should be Magni for being fast.

Maybe paladin vs fighter will be worth a thought, but there always will be more than one of class.


Thanks Olmor. That’s pretty much what I was thinking. I was hoping to grab Onatel for my yellow but Atlantis didn’t provide. I think I’ll max Magni if Vela doesn’t join me and wait for white rabbit on my holy.

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I would max Magni over Vela anytime, but this is just me, a warrior who loves PvE. And Magni is one of the best snipers. A fighter… Literally, not only class :slight_smile:


Somehow I knew you were going to recommend that. Now I have to go read the Vela thread again.

I also consider the future in that recommendation. He and Joon with costumes will be practically among the best snipers in the game.

I agree the costumes are big factors and definitely should be considered. I didn’t expect much from them at first but I got Issy’s and I’m impressed with the improvement. I would really like to have Joon with or without the costume.

Yeah, me too. I got Isarnia’s costume with the keys received in the inbox. I am a very cheap 2p :slight_smile:

I claim to be C2P. My wife would disagree. But I also got that costume with the free keys.


Can’t stop laughing :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I said “would” because she has no idea. She thinks I’m day trading or something.

I understood first time you said and that’s why I was laughing :rofl:

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