Ascend Sonya or wait for a better hero

As in the topic - I have ascension mats for a blue hero but I only have Sonya.
Should I wait for someone else or just ascend her?

I also have mats for ascending red hero but Boldtusk is the perfect candidate.

Note: I’m a minor spender (mostly VIP pass) and because of that I can a long time for another blue 4* or 5* hero.


Depends on what you already have. Sonya can sometime be very annoying as an enemy. She is not the best for sure.

Shes ok but if a had known what i know now and would be in your situation, i would wait.

Sonya is a good hero. As a f2p just ascend any hero that is not complete garbage right away. You want to have at least three maxed out 4* of every color anyway!

If you have Caedmon ascended already, it might be worth waiting for another blue 4* like Grimm or Kiril. Otherwise, I’d say ascend her. I use her on my general-purpose raiding team (Tiburtus - Sonya - Boldtusk - Chao - Little John), and her fast sniping/dispelling can be lifesaving.

Yeah, I have Caedmon but not ascended - no mats yet.

I think I will go for it - although I was hoping to only ascend A rated heroes there are very few 4* blue heroes out there.

As a F2P I have to enjoy what I have I guess :wink:

I have two accounts, one with 13x80 and one with 6x80 plus dozens of 70s and I’ve never regretted ascending Sonya. There’s so much buffing these days that fast + dispel is very good. Sonya was the first blue I maxed on my alt and she’s served me very well.