Ascend Odin or C. Inari?

Who would be better to ascend of these two heroes? Existing maxed 5* yellows are Director Zuri, Prof. Lidenbrock, Eloise, Rhys and Malin.

  • Odin
  • Costumed Inari

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C Inari is a great hero imo. Odin is getting a little dated but his mana boost is nice, so depends really what you need.


Yeah that’s what I can’t decide, because currently my 5* yellow roster is healer heavy (3 of the 5) and then I have a minion remover and a hero that does accuracy down. But I can always use regular Inari with costume bonus, for the dodge. Maybe Odin is more useful in defense and Inari in offense?

Do you have emblems for both? If not go for the one with emblems :slight_smile:

Odin I think is better for defense than offense, that might be another consideration, since you already have good def heroes. Not saying he´d be useless, but you have alternatives.

Inari seems the better offense option.

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inari c is good on attack and defense

odin is more defense hero and is underwhelming on attack. no costume is coming for him soon nor his old nerf reverted

my vote is inari for more versatility