Ascend Morgan Le Fay or wait for other green 5*?

Morgan Le Fay is the only 5* green I have at the moment. Does she worth to ascend to full tier or should I wait for other 5* green? If wait, which green hero should I wait for?

In terms of regular heroes, Lianna is definitely a lot better than Morgan Le Fay. If you want a different exclusive event hero/HOTM, wait for Alberich or Zeline to come back.

Morgan was my first 5* green and I didn’t hesitate to ascend her. She is great to use during raids and AW.

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According to Anchor’s Hero Guide, it falls like this:


Lianna is the only regular hero rated better than yours (though certainly look up all the heroes; some are better for raiding, some for Titans). Until the Devs reveal when they are bringing back the previous HOTM, you might not want to keep yourself waiting for a green 5*. Up to you.


I honestly think it actually would be interesting to ascend that hero (Morgan Le Fay) just from the perspective of me having more unique opponents and teams show up when I go raiding. I do get kind of tired of always seeing Lianna, Alberich, Zeline and not a lot of other greens on defense teams. It’s not like they are incredibly difficult to beat anyway with using the right team and strategy; just mundane and boring. However, certain heroes perform better overall in more aspects of the game, so it would definitely be in your best interests to hold out for Lianna, if your goal is to be the best.

I would ascend her if it’s the only one you have and aren’t actively doing pulls. Elk is the only 5* nature that I have but I don’t plan on going past the 4th ascension because the tonics are way to difficult to acquire for me. If I were more competitive in the events or faced higher titans, I would go all the way

You can safely Ascend her. She’s not a blow your socks off hero, but certainly worth 4th tier ascension materials.

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I am pretty new but thought I’d chime in.

I would ascend her just to have fun with her. She is someone not everyone has or can get all the time. I put Merlin and Lance ahead of other for this reason. Something different to use. Maybe not all the time but sometimes. Options are good to have.

Waiting for another 5* (and you want green to boot) is like waiting to win the lottery without a ticket. You never know when that time will come.

I wish I had a 5* green. But am happy with my 4*'s for now.

Considering that we don’t know if and how Zeline and Alberich may return, and that the only regular better then her is Lianna, in your shoes i probably ascend her.

But i must say i have materials for 3 greens, and my heroes are 2 Kadilens and 1 Elkanen :smirk:

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I’d gladly swap a Morgan for the tonics to ascend a 5* green. I’ve got three, plus Zeline waiting for tonics and Lianna waiting for my current green project to reach 3/60 before I start ascending her.

Take her to 3/70 and then evaluate your needs and make the call.

Personally, in a vacuum, I would do it.

lol my alt is just that - 6 tonics a ton of shields. was doing pulls during avalon was hoping for a Morgan Le Fay. Was hoping for Morgan, Lianna, or Kadilen (Kadilen is under-rated, though not super great. but she does her job). What did I et? Elk. :frowning:

TL:DR unless you have Albi, Zeline, or Lianna waiting in front of you, I’d ascend Morgan. The only reason I haven’t on my 7dd is because Zeline gets first dibs

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Yep, i think too that Kadilen is not half bad, and thats why i take 1 of them to 80.
But i refuse to use other 6 tonics on her again, and Elkanen is simply not.

I guess when this game come to a close i will still have some tonics :face_with_monocle:

I maxed Morgan over Elkanen. No regrets at all, she’s fun.

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I agree with that lol (max 1 feed the other and elk to Sharan)

I know I need a 6 pack of tonic.

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