Ascend Mist vs Vivica

hello guys, i have 3/60 Mist and 2/60 Vivica (have costume but not leveled) should i ascend first what? i need for defense team those. i have only 4/4 orb. Thx for advice!..

We need more info on your roster to give advice. How many other 4/5 stars do you have maxed?

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y sure i did Thank u very much.

Always do a maxed 4* instead of a 3/70 5* so my vote is for mist.


Focus on building good 4* teams first.

They’ll be the backbone of your roster for a long time… And a maxed 4* is almost always superior to a 3/70 5*


Like the others, I would also suggest that you max 2-3 4 stars in each colour before working on any 5 stars. It will help you a lot. Max 4 stars can be emblemed and are much more powerful than 3.70 5 stars. Plus, those heroes will help you in raids, titans, wars etc, and help you to bring in the necessary materials for your future 5 stars.

So keeping all this in mind, Mist is your best option. Plus, it also helps that she is one of the best 4 stars in the game, so will help you a lot in all aspects of your gameplay. :slight_smile:


thx for advice and time guys, i will do mist full.


yes… i like mist mana slow and spesial buff…

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