Ascend Lianna or Tarlak

Whom i should ascend? Last tier; for defense and Titans? Or Gregorion?

Both but wait for couple of years to do so. exactly same problem I have 8 5* heroes 3/70

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Speaking about luxury problems… You don’t happen to already maxed Zeline and Alberich, no?

Tarlak imo. Lianna is easy to 2-shot for raids and she’s a 1-trick pony.

Tarlak hands down. Lianna hits really REALLY hard but a few others come close. Tarlak is like a 5* Wu Kong who heals but doesn’t cause missing. Absolute no brainer for me.


I like tarlak much better. If I’m not mistaken, Wu Kong would stack with him as well as boldtusk since gamblers stance is considered a different ability than generic attack buff.

Capped at 160% - so it stacks, yes, but doesn’t actually get any higher that 160%. So even though it shows them both active, they don’t actually stack in terms of compounding damage (if that makes any sense).

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I had that theory until screenshot seemed to prove it wrong. Do you have calculated damage to show only 160% Inc. Rather than the 340% or whatever. Think it showed the heroes atk stat at 340

Having Wu Kong and Tarlak on the same team would actually be a bad thing. As soon as Tarlak’s special is used it puts a damage cap on normal attacks at 160% and it takes priority over all other specials for the 4 turns that it’s active. That means that if you use Wu Kong then Tarlak of vice versa the damage will be even less than just Wu Kong, but you’ll still get the accuracy debuff. Here’s a couple screenshots to show.

That being said, Tarlak is still a very valuable hero to have since he’s more reliable than Wu Kong and I think has the highest attack stat in the game unless I’m forgetting someone.

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Another point. Tarlak buff does not apply to special skills. Kongs does. Not sure how the game keeps track of this when using both. There is just one green number above the attack value.

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