Ascend Kunchen or Clarissa?

This is my first five star ascension was wondering who would be better to ascend kunchen or clarissa?

I don’t have Kunchen bits he’s a very good hero for sure. His down defence can be devastating.

I do have Clarissa though and I just ascended her today myself with Morlovia giving me my 6th Tabbard.

Both are solid choices, depends on what you roster needs

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I would recommend Clarissa if you have either of these 4* pairs: Boldtusk+Wilbur, Rigard+Tiburtus, Kirill+Grimm, costumed Melendor+Buddy. Kunchen is better if you already have enough hard hitters but lack of healers and def debuffers.


Appreciate the reply.

Thanks for the reply.

These are two heroes that fill completely different roles. Do you need a damage dealer or a healer? That should solve your question right there.

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Both are HoTM…so if you are a p2p, you might look ahead to what purple hero may be on your shopping list.

Also, what are your off/def teams. Kunc is a decent tank. Clarissa, though, is better on a flank., and her VF speed means she will likely have a spot when K is pushed out as tank

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From someone who has both, go Kunchen, Kunchen and then Kunchen.
Hero is super handy! He’s the only hero that I have on my both, my defense team and A+ attack team.
(He heals, remove ailments from your team and weaken all enemies)


In my honest opinion, and I have Clarissa at +7
I would do Kunchen first
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Kunchen, all the way.

Unless you’ve got Costumed Rigard… and then, still, Kunch. :grin:


The lack of mats makes Kunchen a novelty hero. Costumed Rigard is fairly easy to get and much cheaper to max. Emblemed he has 5* stats and is faster.
Clarissa or any attack hero for that matter will serve you better


Clarissa. Very fast hero will help you more then a slow tank- there’s a lot of good tanks to choose from… not that many very fast tunes that can go on your defense and be good on offence

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Lol. Choose Clarissa as your 1st maxed 5 star hero. Kunchen’s main purpose is to tank, and yet he is outshined by Ursena. Kunchen is slow and you’ll regret using tabards for him as his healing and cleansing skills are overshadowed by Rigard, especially if you have the emblems and have the costume version. You will not get wrong with Clarissa, a prettily balanced hero


Clarissa. All day long.

Kunch is a great defence tank and an okay offensive healer.
He’s beefy, but his special is slow and the most important bits (as a healer) are covered well enough by Rigard, at faster mana speed.

But you shouldn’t use defence as a reason to ascend a hero… Kunch may be a good defence tank, but your defence doesn’t bring home more mats.
I wouldn’t even think about a hero that’s best used on defence until you have at least 15 maxed 5* heros already.

Clarissa being Vfast and being beefy enough to survive well and fire multiple times even when surrounded by 4* teammates will give you far more in attack and that’s where you actually play.

Clarissa (like JF) gets a bit of a downer put on her because she’s not as good as the OP versions people saw or heard about in Beta testing - she’s still a very good hero, but because she’s not what people were hoping for she ends up dismissed as a result of disappointment…
Look around and you’re seeing the same attitude towards Telluria and Vela - these are still A-grade heros, but because they’ve been nerfed a bit there are players genuinely considering not ascending them.
It seems that any hero that was brokenly OP and isn’t anymore is widely tossed aside, even when they’re still good hero’s.

I’m surprised Kunch got this many votes… And slightly disappointed.


My vote is for Kunchen. Clara is not unique. She is not an exceptional hero. She’s just good at attacking. But not fantastic.

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