Ascend Khagan with this team? I need your opinions! =D

guys… Finally our Khagan is buffed very well but still has low mana speed.
My question is: Is it suitable/worthy to use my 6 mystic rings to make last ascension for him to my defense team?
I don’t have any 5* red hero and he is already 3.70 lv.
My current defense team is
Kelile 4.70 - Grimm 4.70 - Vivica(1 emblemed) - Lianna(2 emblemed) - Sartana 3.70

I’m in doubt because Khagan is slow mana speed and has same class as Lianna so I wouldn’t invest emblem on him.

Should I ascend him or not? help guys xD


I would wait, because you have Vivica who is also slow, and their defence buff will overwrite each other rather than stack. The mana buff shouldn’t be under-rated, but most of your team will have fired already before he does so raids are decided already. Kargan comes into his own for story mode and quests where you are battling for longer.

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ah… I forgot defense buff… ur right… O_o
thanks >.<

Lianna makes better use of the emblems than Khagan does imo, so you’re in the right track there.

I think Khagan’s def+ buff will conflict with Vivica’s… you can control that for offense, and it can come in pretty handy in the more difficult season 2 stages and event quests.

But if you’re asking for your defense team only, then me personally I don’t think so. I could see it working (maybe) with something like this:

Lianna | Khagan | Vivica | Sartana | Grimm

Since they’re both slow it’s likely Vivica may overwrite his def+ buff with her better one, although the opponent can also manipulate Khagan to fire his and overwrite hers. Personally I am not a fan but that’s how I’d make it work if I decided to do so.

edit; you could swap Lianna and Grimm’s spots too…

also the benefit of ascending Khagan is that you get rid of squishy Kelile from your defense team. Not that she’s bad since her damage output is great, but she dies really quickly, and Khagan does not, and also Khagan’s damage output from his skill has been buffed so he isn’t going to be holding you back as he would have in previous version.

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It would improve your team, but Khagan is still not worth your only 6 rings. If you have 10+ rings with no other 5* reds, then sure ascend him. The 4* mats are so hard to come by that they are not worth using on iffy 5* heroes unless you have a true surplus of them.

Ask yourself this, “If I got Marjana the day after giving Khagan rings, how would I feel about the decision?” If you would be waiting months and months, then you might be hating that decision. If you were only waiting for one or two more rings, then you probably wouldn’t feel bad.

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I’d ascent him with no regrets.

Asking ‘what if’ doesn’t seem to be a winning strategy for me… Except he’s going to pull thousands and thousands of times next Atlantis. :rofl::wink:

Mats will come, heroes as well or probably never, but you’ll always just play with what you actually have.

Never mind about how it could be. If your situation will change in the future, you’ll have to deal with it anyway.

You live now and only now.

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yeah…actually I’m thinking that way. I’m imagining having soon marjana… (3 TC is already traninng legendary)… hahah
thanks =D