Ascend Joon or Jackal?


Pretty self explanatory, but I’m looking for opinions and the reasoning behind it.

I use Joon and Jackal together in almost everything now. Titan battles, Raids, you name it. It’s so quick to charge them both.

Here’s my problem. I have TWO orbs of magic. TWO.


Jackal. Reason?
Actually the best source of ascension items is the event, and you have more chance to get something on intermediate right now if you are not a big spender.

And you can use Jackal even in hard mode and do pretty good.


Awesome answer. Thanks


put ur money on joon. anyone who sees him have second thoughts on challenging him.


You mean taking them to level 70? Jackal is better at level 70. Joon is better if you get him to 80, but that will require 8 orbs and 6 darts. So probably better to do Jackal first and then farm materials for joon to 80.


I agree - Jackal to 70 as you have plenty of time to get the materials to get Joon to 80…6 4* items is quite the wait!