Ascend Grazul or Tyr?

As title says. I currently have Mitsuko and JF maxed. I originally thought I’d do Grazul because of Telly teams… but feedback from some people with her is that by the time she’s charged Telly is usually dead.

Anyways, Tyr looks good but I don’t think anyone in my alliance has him maxed.



1000% no… This is wholely inaccurate! I use Grazul as a key part of my Telluria team…

With a level 11 mana troop, she charges in 6 tiles. Even if Telluria is dead, this will protect against the flanks (Vela, GM, JF etc…). If Telly ISN’T dead, the status ailment protection is KEY in allowing the rest of your heroes to charge.

Put it this way. I am currently levelling Grazul #2 and #3 to 3-70 while Tyr sits at 1-1…


I love Tyr, you can find my thoughts in the linked thread.

That being said, grazul may be a better choice for dealing with telly.


What I might suggest is trying Grazul out at 3-70. If she is usable in battling telluria at that level, there may be an argument for leaving her at 3-70 and maxing Tyr instead…

But I personally think that in raids, Grazul is much more useful than Tyr… Particularly given the current Meta of Telluria Tanks.



Would ascend another if I could.


In my honest opinion, with the current flush of Telluria, I would max as many Grazul as I possibly could.
That’s exactly what I am doing lol

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