Ascend Frida, Magni, Aegir, or Persesus

I was hoping to get some info from the community in regard to who I should ascend. I looked up similar threads, but I wanted to put my situation in context. I try to be very careful on who I ascend, because 4 star ascension material is so hard to come by. I only have 5 maxed five stars currently (JF, King Arthur, Lianna, Kageburado, and Joon). Here are my thoughts on 4 heroes that are waiting for the rose.

Frida - I actually think she is the best hero of the 4, but I already have a maxed King Arthur for titans, so it makes her less needed. It would hands down be her if I didn’t have KA. I think she’s a better hero for war and raiding than KA, because of her hitting three with ice defense down. She has good defense and offense. I don’t have a lot of paladin emblems spare. Frida at 3-70 currently.

Magni - This is the hero I’m leaning towards right now. He’s a great sniper that would fit well in raiding, war, and on my titan team. His defense sucks to high heaven, but I have a good amount of fighter emblems that could help with that. Magni at 3-70 currently.

Aegir - My raid and war defense tank is still Kashhrek 17 in the grid. My understanding is that Aegir is a pretty good tank. Is it worth just having a tank so that I can get in to the diamond league and stay there consistently? Aegir seems to fit the tank position really well. I have him at 2-60 right now. Some people say he really stinks and some people really like him. I’m just not sure on him.

Perseus - I’ll be honest and say I don’t know a whole lot about Perseus. I have him at 2-60 right now and he’s kind of an afterthought at the moment. I don’t see anything super special about him, but maybe I’m missing something.

Thanks to everyone for any advice you can give me. Getting the 4 star ascension material is like pulling teeth, so I try to be extra careful when deciding between heroes.

I’ll throw out that I’m also deciding between Marjana and Queen of Hearts as well, if anyone has any thoughts on that one.

Thanks again guys.

Tough call. You are right, frida is the best but with King Arthur, not a priority. I’d rule out Perseus because the other two would fit. Magni would help with titan and aegir would be a much better tank than Kash.

I’d ascend Aegir, but by the tiniest of margins.

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Definitely appreciate the advice. Glad it’s not just me that sees it as a tough call.

My personal opinion is it is not a tough call at all, but again that is because of my personal experiences. I find Aegir one of the easiest tanks to defeat, with anyone with a dispeller. You can dump tiles into him until you have enough specials to start taking opponent heroes out. I try to leave hiim until the end as once heroes start dropping his special actually works against his team. Maybe this is not how everyone who faces him feels though. And I don’t have him so I have no idea how he would play in offense.

To me Frida is so much better than King Arthur apart from on titans. She element downs 3 vs 1 (huge) and she also dispels so that the 2 damage dealers following her hit with max potential (no defense buffs), hit 3 (no BK taunt), and don’t die (riposte). Frida is much more versatile and powerful than King Arthur and to me the clear choice here.

Perseus is probably the second worst HOTM ever. His snipe is too weak for a sniper and his secondary effect is way too situational


Due to “Green Tank” meta, I am “mostly” not using my blue heroes, only for clean ups. However you are still growing so thats going to be a big difference to your war teams. Out of those options, I would say most logical one would be Frida although you already have Arthur with emblems.

Frida + Arthur will probably going to kill most of the enemies, if you also add Costume Kiril to your attack team. It is really hard to keep Magni alive, he has no defense, on the other hand if you have magni costume, that would make great difference.

So my vote on Frida.

Btw, I have; Frida, Vela, Miki, Ariel, Richard at 4/80.


Aegir … agree with @Homaclese when you meet him for the first time - oh my god, he is so strong. But knowing how to defeat him…NOT

So it will be between Frida and Magni.
I have Frida, and her blue def down and dispel is great, but since you already have KA ( i don’t have) I would lean towards Magni.
Frida will not improve your Titan score compared to to KA, and Magni is fast and hits hard to take out threats of opponents defense easier, which is more valuable (I don’t have him, but I think he would get more use in raids/tournaments/wars than my Frida)

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One comment about magni is that if you have frida you want to ideally have 3 or 5 hitters following after - snipers are not ideal. He is a good sniper but with todays prevalence of green tanks I think any blues you ascend have to be special and able to take on any color tank and grids gives you just that flesibility

I definitely don’t want to waste the scopes on a hero that isn’t good at the job I need them for.

I agree that Frida overall is a better hero than King Arthur. Had I gotten Frida first, I would have raised her and probably never touched KA. Alas, that’s not how it happened.

So it sounds like most people so far seem to think its between Frida and Magni. I REALLY appreciate everyone’s thoughts. The more the merrier. Thanks guys.

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It was a really tough choice between Magni and Frida, but I decided to go with Frida. Thanks everyone for the advice. Now I have to save 4 more telescopes to ascend Magni. Back to the grind. Hopefully I pull someone awesome before then and there is no question who to ascend. Thanks again.


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In this particular case you could skip Friday since you have KA and Perseus, who isn’t bad, but isn’t great anymore as he is an old HotM whose lost his lustre from back in the day.

It depends on what you want more, a sniper or a tank? However, I’d lean toward Magni since you’ve got emblems to spare for him.

I use KA & Alice as a combo a lot as they’re a one/two punch you’re dead even against off colors. The same would apply for Magni/KA.

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