Ascend Frida, Isarnia, or Magni? (pick up to 2)

Hello, I’m debating which 5* blue hero to ascend first. I care mostly about titans (to get more mats) and raid defense (my offense teams are much better than my def team). I’m C2P, so am trying to be frugal/wise in who to ascend. I have enough mats to ascend 2 5* blues but haven’t pulled the trigger on any (the only 5* I have ascended so far is Drake).

Question: If I have enough mats for 2 Blue 5, which blue(s) 5 should I ascend, and should I save any ascension mats for a Blue 5* I don’t have yet?**

My current defense team: Scarlett, Kirill, Kashrek, Drake, and Tibertus

Roster by color:

  • Blue: Kirill (Max), Isarnia (3/70), Frida (3/70), Sonya (Max), Magni (just started), Thorne (haven’t started), Grimm (haven’t started), Triton (haven’t started)
  • Yellow: Wu Kong (Max), Drake (near Max), Gretel (3/30, in progress), Vivica (3/70), Li (3/60), Hu (3/60)
  • Red: Marjana (3/70), Scarlett (Max), Boldtusk (Max), Wilbur (Max), Falcon (3/30, in progress), Gormek (3/30), Lancelot (haven’t started)
  • Green: Kashrek (Max), Caedmon (Max), Buddy (Max), Melendor (Max), Lil J (3/60, will likely start), Skittle (3/60), Kadilen (haven’t started), Elkanen (haven’t started)
  • Purple: Tibertus (Max), Cyprian (Max), Sabina (Max), Merlin (Max), Proteus (in progress), Rigard, (3/60), Quintus (2/60), Obakan (2/60), Cheshire (haven’t started)

Separately, I just ignored some 5* entirely (Thorne, Elkanen, Kadilen, etc.) in favor of 4* I want more because I don’t know that I’d ever ascend those to 5*. Is that dumb?

I’d love any advice from the community. Thank you!

You listed Drake as being in your current defense team and as currently being leveled up. So is that two Drakes? One at max in your defense and a second being leveled?

I think emblems may be a part of the answer. Can you lay out your heroes by class and talk about which are getting talents? For example, what is your plan for the Fighter emblems? I see you have a maxed Boldtusk - is he getting them? Really what I’m getting at here is asking if someone other than Magni is getting them.

Sorry, I took that part out because it must have been confusing. Just one. I was just showing which heroes I was currently working on. Drake’s in my lineup and he’s almost done.

I don’t have any meaningful fighters besides BT and Magni. I haven’t spent any emblems anywhere, so am fine using them on either…

I also don’t have any meaningful Paladins outside of Frida (Sonya), nor do I have any 5* Wizards outside of Isarnia (Kirill, Kashrek, Merlin are my others).

Got it.

Is Frida surviving well enough on the raids and titans you’re packing her for? If so, I’d leave her for the time being. I’m leaning towards Isarnia. I don’t have her, but have heard great things. She’s fragile, but I shudder when she’s about to fire on my attacking team. If your long term plan is to give her emblems I think she’s a very good choice. That said, you definitely DO have a wizard of note: Proteus. You could give him emblems and be happy with that choice (that’s what I did with mine, favoring him over Onatel).

I would chose Frida and Magni. Frida is great against red Titans and will greatly improve your score! She also works OK on Def and is an attacking beast when combined with other great blue heroes like Grimm, kiril, Triton ect.
Magni is also a must-have! Strong on offense although a little bit squishy but can also be put into flank or corner position!
Btw. you should level Grimm and Triton asap as well as finish rigard!

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I’d do Magni and Frida for Blue 5*s. However, I would max Grimm, Proteus, Falcon, and Rigard first. All are excellent heroes and Rigard would be a huge upgrade on your D

I would do Frida and Magni. They combo together on offense. They could both be used in defense.

I would pick Frida too, she’s great against titans. I never got an A+ score till I got her. Even at 3/70 she does her job well.

Frida + Grimm in a stack with other blue heroes would be a deadly combo.

I second Frida and Magni, and what’s already been said about the Frida+Grimm combo! I use them in my favorite 3-2 offense and if they both get to fire (Grimm being who he is…) they wipe out half a team in one go.

I even have Frida and Grimm on my def team - it’s temporary and in no way optimal, but keep me in diamond.

I would put Magni.

Frida is workable at 3/70.

Magni is great, but my vote is for Frida + Isarnia (devastating power combo)

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