Ascend first 5* purple hero

Hey Puzzlers,
I finally got the materials for ascending my first 5* hero (purple).

I only have Domitia as 5* purple hero.
Is she worth the ascending materials? Especially with her upgraded debuff skill from the last update?

I personally would benefit from her at the moment because I do not have a strong 4* purple hero… But I don’t want to waste the mats for sartana or someone better, if domitia isn’t really worth ascending…

Or should I wait for another purple hero? Tc20 are running and event is coming…

Thanks and BR

I dont have domitia but her yellow protection spells will come handy vs yellow titans and her remove buff spell has also been upgraded makes her more useful. I would ascend her if shes my only choice!

Take her to 3/70. If you don’t have a better 5* purple by then, go ahead and ascend her


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