Ascend cyprian?


I’ve finally accumulated 4 trap tools

I know perfect riposte is amazing in quests but should I save for someone else?


Who else do you have?

I view Cyprian as a waste of 4 tools personally.


Cyprian is brilliant in the challenge events. He used to be great in raids, but most people now put a debuffer on their team that removes the entire value of Riposte.

I have a fully ascended Rigard and Cyprian, and soon Thoth. Rigard and Thoth get regular outings; Cyprian is very situational. I will bring him on on raids when there’s a lot of AOE opponents (Justice, Liu, Azlar) who are very susceptible to Perfect Riposte.


I’d be happy to get some gems but the chances are so bad that idek if it’s even worth it


Purple unicorn don’t approve Cyprian :unicorn:


If you have nothing else and don’t spend or summon 4s regularly, then sure go ahead. But he is about the worst 4 purple. The healers are much better and so is Tibertus. Trap tools aren’t super rare. You will eventually get 4 more, maybe before you get a new 4* purple.


I already have albi and kiril so I definitely don’t need another healer

But yeah tiburtus would be nice


I do the same thing.


even taking a 5 star to 70 is probably better than Cyprian. but like Arien mentioned, it depends on how often you get new 4 star heroes (i.e. how much you spend). If getting 4 or 5 stars is more rare for you, then you gotta dance with the girl that brought you.