Ascend Caedmon now or wait for something better?

Just got my 4th shield from Strikewood, and wondering if I should ascend Caed or wait for pirates event and for Peters to come along. As much as I like Caed, I’d really like to hold out for something better. Ideally I’d like to save all my shields for Hansel, but Grimforest is still 2.5 months away, so could potentially get a few shields in the meantime, plus I still need to get lucky with RNG.

In the meantime, pirates is coming in 2 weeks, and Peters has caught my eye with his silence ability. He’s kind of a Hansel-lite, and I like it. Right now the only other dispellers I have are a costumedMelendalf at 2/50, and completely unleveled Sabina x1 and Sonya x2.

I understand a hero in the roster is worth two that I may potentially never get (or have to spend hundreds to pull). But since ascension mats are so hard to come by, I’m really hesitating on giving them to Caed. Also doesn’t help that stats-wise Peters is basically identical to Caed, just the ability is different (but I like it better).

I don’t have Proteus but I do have a Merlin at 3/60 as my other mana controller of sorts. He’s a lot of fun to use, and can turn the tide under the right circumstances. Kinda thinking the same with Peters.

Caedmon still sees use for me during wars, but the other two you want do as well. Caedmon is solid and is worth having maxed


Ascend every unique 4* without regrets. 3* mats will come fast.


What are your other green 4*? What levels they have? How much you expend? In any post I’ve seen so far the veterans tend to ask this questions and also "What your prefferences are (war, raids, titans, events…)?
My experience as a fairly new f2p, ascended Caed and loves him. (Is great to have a fast sniper, dispelling is quite useful, balanced stats: nor too weak or strong, nor too sturdy or too frail). Doing few summons I had got my hands in pretty good heroes, but still I only got one event 4* (Merlin too), so if you don’t buy gems chances for Peter are flat.
Lastly, note Peter is worse than Merlin, or Hansel, or Proteus (in most ocasions, he had his sinergys). Why? Because the enemy can’t fire, but still gains mana, and could be charged when silence ends.

Thanks everybody, bit the bullet and ascended Caed. As a bonus I may now skip Peters entirely, since Hansel is the one I really want, and Peters would really just be a stop-gap. Spending god knows how much just trying to pull Peters might lead to a lot of salty tears.

Plus I’m down to my last pair of gloves, and Mist from Valhalla is awfully beckoning right now, especially since my 4* yellow game is pretty weak (only S1 but no Wu Kong :sob:), so might save the last pair of gloves for her. At least I’d feel a lot less stupid doing Valhalla summons and being happy with 80% of the S3 heroes, then pulling pirates who knows how many times for one specific event 4*.

@Otherpeter I have all the classic 4* greens except Little John. As mentioned costumed Melendalf at 2/50, and all the others are at different levels except Candyskull, who I refuse to waste resources on and have kept at 1/1.

I don’t mind spending when it comes to pulls, so I guess you could say I’m P2W, although there’s no real “W” in this game so I prefer the term P2P (pay-2-play). I understand the gacha nature of this game, but have a very busy job and am super impatient, so if spending what I deem an acceptable amount helps to tremendously speed up progress, I don’t mind.

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