Ascend Boril or Magni?

I can either fully ascend Boril or get Magni his 2nd ascension and I really can’t decide. I’m using Magni on titans but Boril is a great raid and war tank. My defense team left to right is Sabina, Lancelot, Boril, Chao and Melandor. Any suggestions? I do have an unleveled Ciprian who could take Boril’s place eventually.

You mean Magni’s ascension to tier 3, yes (one before final ascension)?

Not a particularly easy decision I would say. I’ve got both of them; Boril was my first ever 4* and I’ve used him for a long time. Now that I’ve got a fairly broad roster of 4* and even some 5*, I’m not using Boril all that much anymore. Magni was my first and so far only maxed 5*, and I use him all the time.

In isolation I would lean toward saying Magni, but… it depends. Even when fully maxed he is still fragile (“glass cannon”). On the other hand ascending Boril would mean a key improvement to your defense team, which would be a big thing for AW also if you take part in that. Magni is more versatile, useful in more situations (definitely Titans). In really tough battles, he will probably die too quickly on the other hand, at or below 3/60 especially.

Also part of the equation is how far along are you in the game in general, how deep is your roster, what ascension materials do you have or not have etc. Do you have the 6 scopes for Magni’s final ascension for example? If you’re not close to the 6 scopes you need yet, you will probably gain another 4 warm capes before you get all the scopes.

Based on the fact that your current tank is a 3/60 Boril, I’m guessing you’re not entirely advanced yet. In that circumstance I might generally recommend focusing on 4* first… also when I was in that phase of the game, Boril was key to me with his reflect ability against stronger hard-hitting enemies. But I surely did not have Magni back then to even consider.

So considering everything, I would lean in your situation to go with Boril first. But curious to see what others will say. Also feel free to give more details about your other heroes/mats etc.

Thanks so much for the feedback. I’ve only got 2 5s and Lianna is new. I do have several 4s including some new ones.

I definitely understand about Magni being a glass cannon but with 2 healers it’s not so bad. I do want to keep doing well in wars and raids but titan damage is my favorite. I only have 2 telescopes and this will be my last pair of fine gloves so I don’t expect that I’ll be able to ascend anyone else for a long while.

Quite honestly, that’s probably your answer… while purely objectively looking at everything, Boril may be the more sensible choice (maybe… that’s just my sense), but you’ll be happier with Magni because you care more about Titan damage than anything else. And he’ll also be quite good for the wars, but more offensively than defensively (same with raids). Ghost 4 blue tiles, and Magni’s ready to fire!

I’m not sure he’ll make a better thank than Boril, you can experiment and see which one lets you hang on to more cups, but probably Boril is still best there - or better than Magni anyway. I would seriously think about putting Sabina or Melendor on tank duty if you’re not ascending Boril. A center healer can be quite annoying to fight (especially when they debuff also. Even more especially when they get strengthened by Magni next to them…).

Magni would be good flanking the tank, so his defense bonus will help the tank and the wing on the other side of him. This is where I currently have him on my defense team (how could I not, he’s my only maxed 5*). I did experiment having him tank in place of Kashhrek, but Kashhrek turned out to be better (both are at max).

You’re developing a very nice set of heroes there (the only ones I don’t care for too much are Friar Tuck and Oberon, and Hu Tao is ok but not that exciting. All the others I like a lot). Congrats on Wu Kong especially, your master Titan destroyer. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much again. I’m very excited about getting monkeyboy Wu leveled for titans. :wink:

So far, I’ve still been using the Boril lineup on defense and using this lineup on raids because Lance boosts attack and mana and Magni boosts defense on Sabina. I could move Chao to the end and put Melandor next to Lance if that makes more sense.

Or it might more sense to put Mel in the middle next to Magni and Lance for both attack and defense boosts…

The suggestion to stop and do nothing is never the popular one, but you should consider it.

I do not see a big increase in your titan score by leveling up either blue hero. Although Magni’s defense debuff is the better special, you have to consider which will give the most tile damage as that is basis of scoring.

I think you need to work on Lianna, Tibs and Wu first. Wu because he makes every titan team stronger. Lianna and Tibertus can double with the same color healer when doubling, or replace the healer of their own color when not.

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Either option makes a lot of sense, but I’d be leaning towards Magni.

If you are really after titan damage then leave the blues as is. Wu Kong will be your priority, followed by Tiburtus. Next imo should be getting Lance, Melendor, Sabina and Chao to 70. Then Little John and Lianna to 60. Hopefully after doing all this, you have better Blue options and more ascension mats.

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