Ascend Ameonna or Onatel

I have Ameonna at 3/60 and Onatel at 2/60 and only need a pair of fine gloves, which I am contemplating getting through the 2 year anniversary offer. Who would be best to ascend first?

Onatel. Ameonna is a niche hero. Although, what does the rest of your roster look like?

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I figured Onatel, but worth asking. Hero roster is as follows :slight_smile:

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Onatal I have her definitely awesome especially leveled up but a pain to wait for extension needed but worth the wait

You have an awesome roster

Onatel all the way she is my beast

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3 Onatels??? Wish my roster was as equipped as that right now!

I used my gems for the 2nd anniversary offer and ascended Onatel to the third tier. Rubbish pulls for my Atlantis and Epic Troop summons though :slightly_frowning_face:

Ameonna is a trash hero

Kiril. His Dragon banner special is amazing and will save your backside a million times.

So which Purple hero am I best leveling if Ameonna is rubbish? She was my first 4 star hero, hence the higher level, but have since acquired Tibertus, Cyprian and Sabina.

You’re very light on healing in that roster, and you have only one color of healer, which is going to make completing all the events very hard.

I’d level Sabina.

Boldtusk and Kiril are healers, albeit to a lesser extent to make up for defense and attack boosts.

I believe you can beat the challenge easily

I missed your Boldtusk. Still, you’re very light on healing.

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