Ascend advice

Right so I’m a F2P player and it’s the time when I have enough mats to ascend some 5*

So first off for yellow

I have 11 darts and have only delilah and justice to choose from, which one is better, im not doing both. I don’t really see that much use in delilah but I might be wrong

Green I have enough tonics to ascend another green

I have kadilen and elkanen, both a crap I know but is kadilen worth ascending?

Delilah is actually a very good tank. She gives me a lot more trouble than Justice in that role. Given the choice, I’d pick her, though she’s by far the worse of the two for titans.

Of the greens, Kaliden is better IMO, but neither is great. It might be better to wait and see if you can get an epic hero token and pull next month’s green HotM, Gregorion, before making final decisions there.


I agree with kaledin. Yellow is a tough choice… it depends on what u are using for mainly. Titans raids or war?

How is justice better on titans? Slow speed with low attack stat

She has minions that delay you badly vs titan. That’s why :slight_smile:

Delilah. Save your tonics, imho.

As has been noted, Delilah’s minions are a major time waster, making her a very poor choice for titans. Justice may not be good for them, but Delilah is very bad indeed, unless you don’t use her special. Heroes with minions are a sub-optimal choice for anything with a timer.

Level delilah. She heals and her minions protect u from damage for a while. They also give attacks to heroes that cannot attack actively such as counter attackers and other healers. She helped me a lot to win last stage on event as well.
Wait for better green hero :wink:

Btw. I use delilah on titans combined with cyprian. Works perfectly…

Delilah is great and you should absolutely ascend her asap. Kadilen is alright, though I’d wait to see if you get Gregorian in July.

I have Delilah & she’s fantastic. I will pick her 1st. but in time clock event or Titan fight she could not be the best option.

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