Ascend advice for Fire Heroes

I have Kelile and Boldtusk both at Tier 3/60 and I have the items to ascend one of them. I also have Kiril there and only need one more Warm Cape for him, so I am reluctant to ascend Boldtusk as I like Kiril better as my healer. My dilemma is that I just got Sir Lancelot in the last event, but haven’t started working on him yet. My instinct is to hold off, level Lancelot and then use the items for him. I’m not impatient, so I can wait. Is that the correct call? I also have 2x Colen but haven’t started working on him yet either.

EDIT - the rest of my A team right now is Obakan, HuTao, & Caedmon. I can ascend Caedmon as soon as I power him up to 60. I am missing 3 Royal Tabards for Obakan, HuTao is at Tier 4 Level 58.

As a fellow player that levelled Boldtusk first and Kiril right after i tell you that it was one of my best choice so far.

Thanks of both of them (and kailani) i can complete the last level of all the rare quest pretty early collecting the ascension items.

If you don’t have problems on quests or general with boss, you can thinking on Lancelot.

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Boldtusk is the 2nd best 4* in the game. He also stacks extremely well with heroes that have Ramming Pulverizor as their special.

Ascending Boldtusk
a no brainer.


You will never regret maxing out Boldtusk!

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That very much depends on your use case though I do agree Boldtusk is an excellent hero.

That said with Kiril in the stable already, I’d be looking more towards Lancelot if it were my deck both from a raid and a titan perspective vs. adding bold tusk. That’s true for rare quests too, mana acceleration is really pretty clutch in some cases (like stuck next to your healer).

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I would say Boldtusk. Yes him and Kiril will clashm but Boldtusk (along with Grimm) is the best regular summon 4* in the game. The 18% attack difference between Kiril and Boldtusk is HUGE.

Sir lance is also great but extremely squishy. You need a good team around him to use him well.


Wow - thanks for all the great input!

Maybe a little more info would help…
The only other 4* blue I have is Sonya, and since I have Caedmon almost ready to ascend (they both have Piercing Strike) Kiril will ascended for sure as soon as I find one more warm cape. So the question becomes “do I want both Kiril and Boldtusk?” or will Lancelot be better for me in the end?

Also - someone will have to explain to me why Bolktusk gets way more love than Kiril. Their numbers are very similar (Kiril is 656/673/1034, Boldtusk is 588/711/1107) The big difference is Kiril is +30 attack and defense for 3 turns, and Boldtusk is +48 attack only for 4 turns. I think I would rather have that defense buff for one turn less. 18% more attack doesn’t seem that significant.

I am also working on Sabina so I can field an all 4* team for events. This game is pure joy for a math nerd like me.

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For what purpose primarily do you use your heroes? For example, I have cleared the map and raid only to fill the chest and primarily build my teams around titans and events for now.

I prefer boldtusk because he’s a tank and can take a lot of damage, which is important in events and titans. I also think that the extra 18% attack is worth more to me than the 30% defense buff, plus, it last one turn longer which is a big deal again for my usage.

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I am currently stuck at 20.9 on the map, but considering there is no reward at the end, I am not too concerned about that. I also raid just to fill the chests. My alliance is killing 6s regularly and are losing to 7s for now. I have been busy maxing out a couple 3* in each color so I can compete in beginner events, so I have a little time before I have to make a decision on this.

I am thinking maybe I need to do a 10 pull on blue the next time and try to score Grimm. He seems like the only 4* blue that fits in with my current lineup.

long term you want both Kiril and Boldtusk for flexibility. And i would also start TC 13/20 training to score Grimm. If you can do a 10 pull then sure! A team of Obakan, Hu Tao, Caedmon, Boldtusk, Grimm is a LOT better then a team of Obakan, Hu Tao, Caedmon, Sir Lancelot and Kiril


Oooh dat monkey tho!


Hahaha, that monkey is a god of E&P :slight_smile:

But Lancelot is all shiny and new :disappointed_relieved:!

I was thinking Boldtusk would get everyone’s vote, and to be honest Zero’s input gets weighted pretty high considering the recent event results. (Thanks and congrats) So Boldtusk it is! I am also bummed that I rushed to fully ascend Hu Tao, then came up with Wu Kong the next day. He has been sitting there at Level 1 mocking me for a couple of weeks. HuTao’s special is killer though. If I can make a Titan or a really strong hero miss with their special just once, it really swings the match in my favor.

Yeah but for a titan you just use arrows…I don’t know where you are in the game but once you pass a certain point you can crank them out like nothing.

HE HAS WHAT!!! Seriously… feed that monkey… there is no equal. i might feel his wrath that i didnt mention him in the best regular summon 4* category


Don’t do it, it only affect up to 2 heroes other than itself. For first choice I’d go with Boldtusk and then Sir Lancelot. It have a great attack score and have a fast special.


I feel kind of dumb about the arrow thing. I loved that reduced accuracy power in Bane when he was all I had, so when I got HuTao, I jumped on him and ascended him all the way up. I didn’t realize WuKong was so good until after that when I joined this board. That’s why I’m so paranoid about it this time. I don’t want to waste those Hidden Blades when it took me 3 months to get all 4. I’ve got 2 orbs waiting for Wu, but he’s just sitting there mocking me for now.

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No matter what you do with the blades, I’d certainly get WuKong up to 3/60. He makes a good difference even at that level.


Thanks to all for talking some sense into me. I would have hated to make another ascension blunder.

Here’s the happy family. Any more advice would be welcome.

Alright!! Now we got our team, now it’s placement strategy (sparks fly). I’m sure the opinions will be varied and many, but here’s my little take.
Krilil. Caedmon. Boldtusk Okakan. Hu Tao

Only cause in a raid the center is usually going to get the most hits, boom attack buff and a heal, at least once. Then prob Oki and Ceads close if not powered up, Hey dang now Krilil almost got a heal ready and I’m not checking Hu. But by the time you’ve made progress on the orthers, if you can get thru the reflect and Ceads hasn’t sniped anyone out, Hu Toa hits ya and at least make ya miss once. Tough team either way just my 2 cents.