Ascend Advice for 5* Blue heroes

Currently, I have 3 Blue 5* heroes. I would like advice on which I should level and ascend first. I have Perseus, Isarnia and Richard. I’m thinking that Perseus would probably be the best all-around hero since he has a fast special has a strong attack value. But I’ve made mistakes before, and ascension items are hard to come by.

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Anchor has made a guide on which hero fits best in specific roles, so I recommend reading this:

For my personal preference I would choose Isarnia before Perseus and would forget about Richard.


Another vote for Isarnia, and i put Perseus and Richard on the same level.

Sadly while other players can has some reserves on mine chart, we all agree that Magni is the best.

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A third vote for Isarnia. Defense debuff is so stinking good for everything.

of the TC20 heroes, but after Athena overall. Nearly universal agreement that Thorne is worst. Between the others, it depends a lot on the rest of your team’s heroes.

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Perseus, because he’s naturally fast, does a lot of damage, and can prevent healing, allowing you to pick off opponents. If you have the blue mana boost troop then I would go with Isarnia because it will make her closer to average speed and she has decent damage output.

Isa is only good as an 80, and I prefer Grimm over Isa as 70 mainly cause of the skill speed that matches my Wukong faster.
Whenever giving advice to a person we really need to know what they have and who would be the best fit for them. Simply putting out 3 heroes out and asking who is the best isn’t going to yield good advice. I’m not a fan of slow skill heroes as a 1st 5 star to be worked up (Alby being the exception), but if you don’t have Grimm then Isa makes sense. Richard vs Pers is a matter of preference and I’d probably lean Pers in most cases. Richard would win if you’re looking for a tank.


If talking level 80, I’d do Isarnia, level 70 I find Perseus to be well balanced. Can’t comment on Richard.

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