Ascend 4* problem

Dear SG, I don’t know if this is true, but I have a feeling of chest monsters and 100 killed titanium is already a miracle to get ascend s4 material practically impossible. Realize that your business model, when you are trying to rhetorically sell even blue from the sky, has discouraged many players from shopping. Beginning players will find out when they find out that they can’t get without money ascend 4. I think that the aggressive model will ever download everything and force the player to buy everything over time will bury the game and your profits. Take it off a bit and give you a better chance than before that games sometimes get ascend 4 * for free.

Please read:

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Huh 20 char what mean this?

I think it means “give me more 4* mats or I will quit and play a game that gives me more shinies”.

I suspect “sell blue from the sky” is a play on aethers.

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