Ascención items messed up in titan rewards

I’m putting this in bugs and issues as I think it appropriate.

For the last few titans we have been comparing prizes in the team and found for example one low level player doing less than half the points i do for instance is getting great ascension rewards and we’re getting total rubbish.

I have seen others complain about this in some other threads.
Why isn’t this being taken serious?

What kind of criteria is given for this?
Why can we all get the same prizes for defeating the titan?

We have defeated level 6* titans and gotten absolute rubbish as rewards.


It is what it is. I’ve got A+ many times and loot has never been good. Total garbage every time. Lover level inputs give good stuff. With grade C input (i was about 20th best attacker) i got mystic rings and other goodies (my best loot so far)

This doesn’t make sense. Why on earth this game is not like it should be, higher you score the better loot you get? There’s no motivation to do your absolute best when the game tells you that good stuff comes with lower effort.

This game is more and more about gambling and good luck. No strategy involved :slight_smile:

True re gambling.
It’s pretty frustrating to see lower level players getting better things.
In the last 5* Titan I got a minor mana portion that wasn’t my highlight and another player pretty new to the game doesn’t do very much and gets an orb and a 2 star trainer.

This has been discussed before:

Today we beat 10* crystal colossus. I scored 290k and got a+ loot… which was (hold your breath) total bullsh…

Rugged clothes, bone, herbs, rope, mushroom and 5 gems… gems were my best loot. I don’t lie, i have no “lapin miehen lisää” in my story.

Don’t get me wrong, i love fighting titans and loot usually is worth doing my best. But this A+ joke is getting out of hands. I have scored A+ against all kinds of titans from 7* to 10* including couple of rare titans as well and never have i got loot worth mentioning. We talk in our ally that there’s a curse in A+ input coz noone has never gotten any good stuff. And i mean NO ONE! i swear i speak the truth. No one. Seriously. Worst loot comes with a+ input.

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