As a user, I would like to see my heroes gameplay statistics

One of my Alliance team members suggested that it would be nice to see a heroes game statistics - examples of statistics being average damage done, total kills, max damage inflicted.

This would be used in the development of stronger teams

As someone who enjoys statistics like this, I have voted for this idea!

It would also be nice to include stats like, % of raids/wars won using a specific hero. Or even just, number of raids/wars hero was used.


I’d like this too. Seems like an easy addition

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This really depends on how much data of the battles is actually logged at the moment.

In case all attacks are being logged than setting up statistics is indeed not too difficult.

But it is likely a lot of the data required for individual hero/user statistics is not currently being logged. So that would mean a large amount of additional storage needs to be allocated.

Excellent idea for any number cruncher!!

I’d assume they need real world data apart from beta to know heroes performance to know who to nerf or buff and how much… data has to be from somewhere… and stay storage is relatively cheap - doesn’t seem like a high bar when kiddie apps manage to track lots of stats

IMHO it would be actually quite complicated to implement it in a meaningful way.
Knowing lifetime damage would quick quickly lose its value once you reach the point where you start shuffling teams a lot and participate in activities with various modifiers.

One of the key values would be ‘fun’.

I want to know if Mother North or Rudolph has a better winning percentage. No, they are almost never on the same team (except xmas day, because, fun), but over the course of several months, knowing if Onatel or Inari have a higher percentage of wins when slotted into my Yellow team COULD be valuable to me, if I only swap those two in for each other. Which I do.

I don’t care about overall damage, but maybe some people would think it cool. Goodness knows professional sports track enough useless stats that entertain people endlessly. Why can’t we have some?

Seeing that I’ve only used Vivica in 21 fights while Delilah has been in 402 would also provide some good feedback for me - either I should try out Viv more, or maybe it helps me realize Del should get emblems.

Who knows - it’s not terribly hard to implement stat tracking. I say that only based on the fact that I play a series of games that do this. World of Warships tracks 50 or so stats. It’s been doing so for years. They run Servers in North America, Europe, Russia and Asia… I’m sure our app that just sold for ALL THE MONEY could invest a person or two to code it and some servers to store it.

It would be great to have details and statistics on our heroes. How many times used, win ratio, last man standing, opponents killed, heroes healed, …

Entertainment and tactics. I’m playing this games since years and always wished for more details, in order to analyze my strategies and heroes, furthermore I just like to see that information and detail level

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