As a player I expected that Using Two Proteus in a team will sum their damage

I have two Proteus, first one level 56 asc 3 and second one at level 1.
I used them together for the first time today in Trial For Decimation As I don’t have enough good Wizards and/or Fighters.
They gain mana together and their special skills is then ready at the same time.
I used their special skills together and just discovered that the last one activated overwrite the first one.
I expected that the damage per turn will be the sum of the damage that each characters usually do, but instead It applied only the last activated.
In my case i activated first the stronger (99 damage per turn) and then the weaker ( 43 damage ), at the end only the last is applied.
I don’t think this is really intended, as for all other heroes using 2 of a hero you effectively have the chance of get benefits from their usage without any reduction.

As a general thumb rule two specials of the same kind (having the same symbol) will always overwrite each other. That is the same for all types of specials. Proteus gives a poison DoT, so it will overwrite any other poison DoT, like Sartana, Tyrum, Cheshire Cat etc… Infact same goes for defensive down heroes. The defense down does not stack, unless one is a normal defense down and the other is an elemental defense down. That is also why people fire Kiril first then Boldtusk, or Colen first and then Azlar etc…

So if you have two Proteus best way to use them would to use one, and then wait for his mana block to time out and then use the other one. That way you can make sure the bosses never fire.


or also in raiding / wars, if your opponent has two dangerous heroes in opposite wings about to fire, you can use one Proteus each per wing to stop them. saved me in a few raids already.


Proteus is not a killer… his DOT isn’t the upper side of his special skill. You’ll be extremely happy with your 2 x Proteus when it comes to blocking the bosses mana, just don’t use them both at once.


To add only the halloween heroes stack their DoT to a certain limit and its written in the description


Cheshire Cat poison isn’t dispellable, is it?


True, what I meant to say is that if someone uses Cheshire Cat all other poison DoTs get overwritten no matter in which order he is used. :slight_smile:

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Okay, I am not familiar with those heroes as I started playing after that event. :slight_smile:

You can search for them
Victor 5*
Valeria 4*
Vlad 3*

All have similar effects:
Very fast
Direct single hit
DoT that will increase if casting it again before duration is ended
Steals % amount of healing received

The amount of damage DoT and stealing varies for each one of them


Oh wow, they sound interesting. I will check them out thanks. :slight_smile:

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I Am not happy with 2 proteus, As far as i can see is the only hero that has the upper part of his special skills that is not subject to any improvement.

@ThePirateKing You mentioned Kiril that is a healer, his healing ability grows from 20 to 28%

The only part of special skills of Proteus that develop across levels is the DoT.

It looks that this Character is not well designed

DoT is just a small addition to Proteus. His real value is mana blocking and it’s devastating.


I guess you’re right about that, because Proteus is pretty darn broken for a 4* hero lol :rofl:

But in all seriousness, his special’s DoT isn’t the main attraction here. It’s blocking Mana. If you use two Proteus’ then just fire the first one, and don’t fire the 2nd one until the first mana block runs out. Like PirateKing said that’ll make it so the bosses never fire, makes your class trail way way easier.

Also in case you are ever unsure of what status effect overwrites what, I made a topic that lists that. As you can see, Poison will overwrite Poison: 📑 Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments

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He’s the best 4* in the game. I grant you he’s not pretty to look at.


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