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The idea is, to make another category inside the forum. i.e General, community center, Artist corner. Criticism is welcome.

Hi @Saphirra

I really enjoy any kind of fan art, but I think it’s fine keeping it in Community Content. It’s not as busy as General etc so I think it can contain written, audio and visual content.

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Ok. I’ll set up shop, (so’s to speak,) in the community place then. :slight_smile: 'Cause I loved what mine turned out to look like, and enjoyed making it. I want others to feel that same joy, when you see a card that was custom designed for you, it’s just great.

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Made this because I wanted Kunchen very bad but I don’t have more coins!! :smiley:


Likes for this guy, right here. :heart: :heart: :heart:

More likes. And ale!

If @petri hadn’t already bagged Derric as his Avatar I would definitely be appropriating that for personal use.


Hahaha, thank you ^^

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Very good @Azzedar. Looks fantastic


Inspired by this game. Character belong to me. :slight_smile:


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