Arthus killed by blue hero at event


I could kill Arthus at one of the beginners stages with 3 blue stones, even though he had a reflecting shield and should not receive any damage by blue heroes. He was not on fire, nor did he have any other damage over time active.

I don’t have a screen or something else as I didn’t expect it to happen and I don’t want to throw away my energy to test it. Maybe it could be tested by someone at beta?

I would be happy to do it by myself, but as SG didn’t choose me for beta, I need the help of someone else. :wink:


Since two days ago, we can no longer test the event on beta.


Okay, thanks a lot. Would just have been nice to know why it happened.


Can you replicate it?


No, I need my energy to compete in the event for a good position. That’s why I asked for someone in beta.


Ah fair enough. :slight_smile: