Artemis's Appendix for Max Hero Stats


Hello all! I will no longer be keeping the Artemis Apendix of Max Hero Stats up to date. I will be redirecting all traffic to the New Hero Rosters created by the player Pois. I know that Pois is still in the process of getting all of the hero stats up to date, but those lists are already more up to date than the Artemis Appendix.

Ever want to know what the maximum stats are on a hero? You can flip through the heroes using the summon gate, or check out the handy spreadsheet that Artemis made! As a note, the 1*s were left out on purpose. They’re really only good for using to level up better heroes.
Appendix for Max Hero Stats

Hero card showing stats with full leveled hero

I believe I’ve missed this explanation when the training text was on the screen, but when it says speed, is that the speed at which they are likely to charge their special ability or speed of their attacks?


Hello Lord Forge,

It’s speed of mana charging for attack. I don’t think it was ever specified in the initial walkthrough when you started the game. I will check the player’s guide and make sure that I’ve made it clear for what’s what for troops and heroes. Also will check in on the wiki.




Thanks Coppersky! That’s great advice. Maybe that will help me in my figuring out what I’m doing wrong in the raids! I appreciate the response!


Just a quick update on the mana gain of your heroes. Update 1.4 introduced a new stat for troops that increases the mana gain for heroes!


What is the diff between the power and attack numbers? And which one is the damage percentage based on? Thx!


Damage is based on attack. Power factors in a lot including star level


Thx. I was having a hard time with the percentages and actual damage dealt to enemies not adding up…


Here’s an old post that might help! And don’t forget, the opponents defence will reduce the amount of damage your hero does.


Perfect! That actually answered every question, especially with the example. THANK YOU!!


Glad I could help! :smiley_cat:


What about ascension items? Would like to see that listed as well.


Here’s a resource for 4 & 5* heroes. I’d chosen to focus on the levels where things are hard to get, but will look at adding info for other ascensions.


This is really cool. But I was looking to find a list of ascension items
for different heroes.

Like what items did it take to ascend a Boril 4* (for example) the first,
second, third and final time.

Awesome job compiling this info though. Seems like it would be very time


omg, sorry, looking at your list more, I see what im looking for

Im so dumb lol


yeah, that picture has a horrible load time!
And I had some help from my alliance and @Mai!


@Coppersky Hi, in the list I have found 2 errors with Jackal. The overall strentgh is populating another field and the speed is very fast. Best Muaa


Thank you! I think though, that once Pois’ new rosters are up I’ll retire the Artemis Appendix. I’ll use my time to try to keep other things updated!

The link to those charts is : All updated hero rosters

I know that Pois is trying to update some of the details like you just posted, and I’m sure any help with that search would be appreciated!


Actually, I think I’ll post the link in place of the Appendix now.