Arrows less effective against stronger titans?

Like the title says, is there enough evidence yet to prove that arrows are less effective against stronger titans? I’m assuming the percentage shouldn’t change but enough ppl apart from what I’ve noticed have stated this. Sorry if it’s a repeat subject.

The percentage remains the same. The consequences of being hit just becomes more noticable :slight_smile:

It may be worth considering which battle items are most effective. Axes + turtle banners (at the same time) for example will help you survive a lot that you wouldn’t otherwise.

Anyone arguing against arrows is probably doing so because of the limited number of battle items you can take to each battle.


I’m not sure if they actually are less effective, but they certainly feel less effective. I think the truth is that 11* and 12* titans are killing my 4* and weak 5* heroes with 1 hit, and that is why it feels like they are much less effective.


Arrows don’t affect damage, only accuracy. If titan doesn’t miss it deals the same damage regardless of arrows


Correct, but a 7* titan will not 1-shot your hero, but a 12* titan will 1-shot your hero.

My point is that the arrows affect miss chance the same way, but we do not notice it against low titans because we can out last the damage.


We DO notice against low level titans. At least i do.

There’s no evidence about it, but at the same way there’s no evidence that a 2* holy titan (the stone dragon) have more defence of other titans.
But he totally have.

My guess is that high level titans has simply more accouracy, so the arrow affect in the same way, but the result is that high level titans has still more accouracy of low level titans left.