Arrows ineffective

I’ve been playing for a while and I have been using arrows and axes and banners for titans, quests and events… however I have been noticing that in the last few weeks arrows seem less effective and I have been burning through my defensive banners quickly, in fact I don’t have enough to cover the cost of farming materials…

Welcome to the world of RNG. It seems the capacity to miss supposedly caused by the arrows aren’t in your favor recently. As for its damage, I think it is still accurate though. Sorry, it is just that. Soon, you will learn not to use arrows as frequent as before, or discover other battle items in your exploration to the world of E&P.


Keep in mind that as Titan become stronger, they will do more damage. This made me also believe that the banners/arrows were less effective, which is not the case. The Titan is simply hurting you a great deal more.

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Are you fighting higher level titans? The arrows are a fixed damage item that do less against a stronger opponent (well, the same damage but proportionately less). Doing 100 against a 1000 health foe is much stronger than 100 against a 2000 health foe.


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