Arrows, Axes, Bombs and Dragon Attacks Wrong If Multiplied?

I need an explanation for the case I observed.

If Wilbur or other similar heroes activate their Special Status Ailment to the enemy, all enemy members are copying received damage each others.
This means, if you hit one enemy with X damage, all other (!) enemy team members get the same damage X too.

Not but if you are using the referred battle items.
If you fire an arrow, all enemies get 100 damage. This means for me, if a “copy a damage to each others” status ailments is active, all members shall receive 100 x Number-of-living-heroes summarized damage!

This happens normaly, if a heroe hits all enemies* while their carry this curse. Not but wit arrows, axes, etc.

For an unknown reason the received damage is then divided by 3 (???) and every enemy (if using an arrow) just get 3 x 33,33 = 100 damage only.
This is like the described status ailment was not existing.

Is this a bug or a wanted feature?

Shared damage

I just tested this with Dragon attacks and an attack all hero.

Battle item single target

Harpoon normally does 750 to target enemy. So 750 to Boss plus 0x 2x mobs. Total 750 damage.

With shared damage, 1/3 of 750 ( 250 damage ) is shared from Boss hit.

So with single battle items ( that ignore defense, defense buffs and defense debuffs ) each takes 3x 250 . Total 750 damage.

Battle item multiple target

Dragon attack normally does 400 to each enemy. So 1x 400 to each of Boss plus 2x mobs. Total 1,200 damage.

With shared damage, 1/3 of 400 ( 133 damage ) is shared with first mob hit, then a second time when Boss hit, then a third time when last mob is hit.

So with battle items ( that ignore defense, defense buffs and defense debuffs ) each takes 3x 133 which is 399 ( there is rounding ). Total 1,197 damage.


With hero special skills, the same thing happens but this time the damage is adjusted based on defense, defense buff, and defense debuff.

This is very important for enemies like green 4* Kashhrek protecting nearby allies with red defense +94% buff against an attack from red 4* Colen.

This causes a lot of confusion because the entire damage equation is not known. But we do know it is non linear.

(Damage Calculation)

Defense debuff

With the above situation, red 4* Colen would tend to do more total damage because Wilbur also gives enemies a -44% defense debuff.

This means enemies take more damage, and that increased damage is shared.

In the above example battle items ignore defense, defense buffs and defense debuffs.

Harpoons, and Dragon attacks, do the same damage if the enemy has -44% defense or +63% defense.

See also

(Black Knight with shared damage bug (Wilbur, Aegir) [NOT A BUG - Working as Intended])


Sharing damage is dividing them with allies. It is a buff not ailment.

Which means if a hero is hit with 300 damage and that hero have 2 other allies, the 300 damage will be shared by those 3 with each absorbing 100 damage. It is like when you carry a heavy load and than you share the load with 2 other person.

It doesn’t copying the damage.

Damage sharing (synchronization status) is not ailment but buff that granted to the allies, by Gunnar/Kailani’s Spirit Link or Aegir’s skill, and also to both team of allies and enemies in Wilbur’s Wonderful Feast.

Yes, Wilbur give 2 buff to allies, 1 buff to enemies, and 1 ailment to enemies.

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If Wilbur’s Special Skill is activated to the enemy, every damage of a hero is copied to all other enemy team member.
It works like damage multiplication.
If you have heroe A, B, C, D and E and you hit heroe A with a damage of 100, even B, C, D and E will receive exactly 100 damage!

Therefore if you hit all enemies with 100 damage each, finally all enemy heroes will receive a sum of 500 (!!!) damage each.

Not but if you hit them with arrow, axe, bomb or dragon attack.
This I do not understand.

Wilbur’s special skill against enemies works like damage multiplier (damage copying) — not but for these items.

Hi all,
I needed to modify the title and my first text.
The problem is the word “sharing”.

Here is again the description of Wilbur’s Special Skill.
Once activated, all own team members are sharing received damage each others.
It works as a damage divider.
Then all enemy team members are copying received damage each others.
It works as a damage multiplier.

Please check yourself, please.

Sorry, can’t see the word “copy” anywhere.

Maybe a translation issue if you’re playing a non-English version?

But where a special or battle item that hits all is used, then the damage calculation should be applied to each hero taking damage ie: all of them. Which is why AoE is so effective when paired with Wilbur.

I would expect to see some variation due to different defense stats across heroes and innate abilities. But the impact should not be divided without the associated calculations for each hero!

Of course you do not see “copy” it but works like this!
Did you try Wilbur ever, pls? :thinking:

The damage you get is DIVIDED by the number of your team while sharing. This means, if you hit by 100 each of your 5 heroes get 20 damages only.
If you but hit the enemy, the damage is MULTIPLIED (“copied”) by the number of the enemy team. This means if you hit one of the enemy, each of his heroes (!!!) get 100 damage.

Therefore if you use Wilbur and all of your heroes are hit, finally you get full original damage by the formula=(hit/5 copied 5x each heroe).
Opposite, if you hit all of the enemy heroes while Wilbur’s “curse” is active, every enemy hero get 5* (!!) the original damage by the formula=(hit copied 5x each heroe).
(I created a video where it is perfect visible, cannot but upload. Pls. try your Wilbur yourself.)

This is but not valid for Arrows, Axes, etc.
A bug IMHO.

Sorry, but it doesn’t work like that.

Keep in mind the enemies also have a def down debuff on them, which perhaps makes the damage seem higher?

Yes, I’ve used Wilbur hundreds of times, as have many hundreds of thousands of other players over a very long time. It all works as intended, it is just your misunderstanding.

Damaging battle items do a set amount of damage every time, no def modifiers etc apply.


Either there is a translation issue on Wilbur’s card or you don’t understand his skills at all.

When using Wilbur in raids or in wars, activating his skill results to (1) share received damage by allies, (2) share received damage by enemies, (3) +63% defense increase for allies, and (4) -44% defense decrease for enemies.

Share received damage means that the entire team soak up evenly all damage received. For example, without Wilbur’s skills activated in your favor and during raids, say, an enemy sniper deals 500 damage to one of your heroes. But with Wonderful Feast activated, that 500 damage is equally divided to all standing heroes. This means that instead of 500 damage taken by your hero, that 500 is divided by 5 (if all of your heroes are alive at the time when that sniping damage occurred) and may be much lower since there exists a defense buff for your allies. Instead of 500 being taken by a single hero of yours, all of your heroes receive less than 100 damage each or lower (500 divided by 5 = 100 plus you need to factor the defense buff, so it will be less than 100 damage taken by each of your 5 heroes).

Inversely, without Wilbur’s skills activated, your sniper hero may deal 500 damage to a single enemy target. But with Wilbur’s skills on, instead of dealing 500 damage to a single target, it results to 500 divided by 5 (assuming all 5 enemy heroes are still alive after Wilbur’s skills were activated) = 100. That means each of the 5 enemy heroes get 100 damage. But it should be more than 100 damage each taken by the enemy heroes since you have to account the defense debuff taken by the enemy. Assuming with the defense decrease, instead of dealing 500 damage, the total damage may be 550 and you divide 550 by 5 thus each enemy hero gets 110 damage each. @Gryphonknight above has already provided a clearer explanation that I still don’t understand why you have difficulty comprehending it.

As for battle items, damage sharing is not applicable under Wilbur’s skills. Dragon Attack deals 400 damage to each enemy regardless of number, Bomb Attack deals 300 damage to each enemy regardless of number, Axe Attack deals 200 damage to each enemy regardless of number, and Arrow Attack deals 100 damage to each enemy regardless of number.

For the last time, there is no multiplication here. And there is no bug. Everything is according to its design.

According to Wilbur’s card

All allies share damage for 4 turns.
All enemies share damage for 4 turns.

If “shared damage” is a damage MULTIPLIER instead of a damage divider, why would you want it on allies?

See also Aegir, Gunnar and Kailani.

@Ultra Well. I did my own experiment with S2-15-8 hard. Just now. I hit the boss Cochin (ice) with my Tyr (fire) and he got 294 damages. Then I activated Wilbur’s SS and hit him again. Cochin got 294 damages again, but all the two team members got sg. about 280 too. it looks like 3x(around) 280 damages I’d say 3 times more than before. For me, it is a multiplication.

A warrior hit my hero with 100. Then I activated Wilbur’s SS and my targeted hero got 20 damages while all other team members got 20 damages too.
It looks like 100 was divided by 5 so 20 damages each hero. For me, it is a division.

Throw me in front of the Raging Fighting Hamsters (*) if you still not beleive me.

(*) Very dangerous Hungarian animals like the Killer Bunny.


Do it again and post some screenshots, better yet a video. Only then can the readers tell you what’s wrong.

No one here believes you because Wilbur has been around for a couple of years and the mechanics of his special skill are well understood.

Wilbur lowers the defense of his opponent. If you hit a target with lowered defense, the target will take more damage. So the total damage dealt is going to differ considerably between the first and second attacks.

Wilbur shares received damaged with allies. This sharing results in everyone receiving the same amount of damage. So it does not make sense for one enemy to receive 294 damage and another to receive 280.

Finally, by using Tyr in your test, you are further complicating things. Tyr’s special may ignore defensive buffs, of which shared damage is one. It is possible that there is a bug with Tyr’s special attack when used with shared damage.

Please record the behavior you’re observing and post it here so we can better understand what you’re facing.

Edit: to answer your specific question, or at least the issue as phrased in the title of this thread: no, shared damage from battle items is not multiplied. This behavior is correct as it is.

The reason that this looks like a multiplier is the negative defense, not the shared damage. The negative defense that Wilbur adds in addition to the share looks like a multiplier. If you do the same thing on S2-15-8 hard after taking out the other two team members, you should see the damage to Cochin be about 3-times the original damage (~870 damage), not because of multiplying by enemies, but because of the reduced defense. With no other enemies to share the damage, Cochin will receive it all.
Similarly if you do this attack after taking out one of the flank enemies, the ~870 damage will be shared 50/50 with Cochin and the flank enemy; or roughly 435 each.

The reason that you do not see a similar phenomenon with Arrows, Axes, Bombs etc. is that their damage is not impacted by the Defensive down or any other special - i.e. Defense up, etc - or for that matter by the enemies Defense stat - all enemies take the same damage from Battle Items regardless of their defense or buffs and cannot stop the burn damage or reduced attack from Battle Items either.

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Like this:


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