Arrow raids

These arrow raids are terrible :cry: I’m not one to try and be negative about a game I love but I’ve really struggled staying alive against these newer heroes than you got arrows and my roster along with my troops are no slouch

I am having trouble figuring out the right strategy against some of these new heros too. Maybe if you could give an example?? What level raids are you at?

I think you mean the arrow war, try double healer

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Yes I meant war sorry everyone

Never thought of two healers

Health boosters are also a good option sometimes (C. kashrek, guillinbursti n’ others).

The original AW arrows was more brutal.

Arrows war should include an FPS mode where after you kill the defending heroes, you have an opportunity to track down those archers and show them what you think about them.

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:joy: I agree it’s hard to recover after two hits from them

I cant maintain it in wars but in raids i often go 3 or 4 healers

Aw, yes, wars can be like that. If you have an unfortunate board, even though the opponent´s heroes might not get to fire that much, the arrows can really hinder your chances for recovery. I hope you´ll have lots of fortunate boards ahead of you :slight_smile: :four_leaf_clover:

I always, and I mean ALWAYS, in all war raids and for a very long time have gone with a healer and what I call an auxiliary healer (AKA: a pure healer and someone with a healing bonus, a healer by turn or something like that)

Combinations that I use to use include:

Kunchen + alberich

C vivica + telluria

Diaochan + attack booster + anzogh (anzogh can be useful with the right synergies)

Then all my maxed and LB 4* healers are mixed and used at will: rigard, kiril, costume sabina, costume boldtusk, gullinbursti (x2)…

I recently got tarlak, he’ll join the pool of auxiliar healers as soon as I Max him.

And I have never ever had a problem with arrows, bottom line: it’s useful to have someone who heals a little to keep you alive until the true healer comes around, plus; these heroes usually have another useful feature that silently helps you outclass the enemy.

In arrow wars, I typically try to bring two good healers to each fight.

If you can’t do that, try bring a good healer and a hero that gives minions to all. Minions are really good at blunting a lot of the damage done by the arrows.