Arrow barrage is enough to make you quit the game

We all can complain about a long list of things that irritate us all from time to time like bad boards; missing tile color when stacking; bad raid tourney matches; bad hero draws from TC’s; etc. But arrow barrage is enough to make you want to quit the game. To me, it’s the most unfair element of the game and out character with the other war buffs. The other buffs improve remaining enemy heroes. They are either partly healed or have their attack buffed. But arrow barrage attacks directly and is plain unfair. There were many options that could have been chosen. For example, giving the defense team a 25% boost in defense. Or, a 25% bump up in mana recovery speed. Or, even a slight increase in defense team mana (although I think this would have adverse impact on the game too). Or, if the buff needs to impact the attacking team then reduce mana speed, defense or healing speed. But for heavens sake get id of arrow barrage.


It affects both sides equally. I understand you don’t like it, but how is it unfair?


Were you around when it was the only war boost?

Just curious(personally i find heal aid to be the most difficult. Arrows not that bad as long as u bring at least 1 healer per team)


Just because it affects both sides doesn’t make it fair. Arrow attacks barrage reduces the strategy of the players. I think a passive buff is fine; active attacks – no!

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I actually think Arrow Barrage is the weakest and least impactful of all the war buffs. :slight_smile: Once you’re in the thick of things with your attack, and your heroes are damaged, it barely tickles because it scales down and only does a percentage of your health that’s remaining, not your full health.

And “unfair” would only be the case if it only helped one side in the war. Since it is there for both sides, how can it be unfair? :slight_smile:


I love arrow barrages… It really does test durability of your team or how fast u can annihilate the opponent.

Honestly if it wasn’t for the arrow attack, I would have had 4 OSK this Raid…
One team I left a silly Captain K on the wing ,
One team I left 3 brutally weakened opponents … #Justsaying

Ps. I actually had one game in past w a hero Melendor with like 4 health remaining and arrows killed him!!! I laughed


Rigs - I have been around a couple years, so yes. I am not saying that it’s more difficult than field aid (correct name), I am saying that it’s a detriment to strategy players.

I thought the definition of fair is that it doesn’t disproportionately advantage or disadvantage one side. If both sides face the same conditions, by what definition is it unfair?

Especially as it causes a percentage damage, not a flat rate as it did initially.

If it affects some rosters more than others, then the whole game is unfair because we all have different rosters.

Again, I know some people don’t like it, that’s fine, I really didn’t like the Christmas event with the ice blocks.

But it wasn’t unfair because it affected me the same as everyone else.

How are the arrows unfair?


Both sides of a battle don’t face the same conditions. If they did, that would be equal. In wars, especially weaker players (not me), when they get to their 4th, 5th or 6th teams, they are often attacking against a much stronger defense on the field. They are then attacked by an arrow barrage in addition to the opponent’s heroes. Adding buffs to remaining opponents on the field - fine; actively reducing health of the attackers not fine. How would everyone feel if every 5th turn, both sides in a battle lost 20% of their health? Both sides whether you are on offense or defense – that strikes me as more fair than what we have now.

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The battles are asymmetric, though. So both sides losing health is incredibly advantageous to the attacker. The attacker can hold heals hot in anticipation of damage; the defender cannot


I have never experienced any negative feelings with the arrow barage. I wish people stopped complaining. Play the war, both teams fight under the same conditions.


That would be fair. But it’s not more fair.

When I attack, the arrows rain down and I have to deal with it the best I can - healing, buffing, cursing the enemy etc with my strongest 5* team or my sixth string bag of misfits.

But, I take succour in the knowledge that the enemy must fight against the exact same set of rules. And that’s why it’s fair.

As @Garanwyn says, the offensive and defensive rules are entirely different and hence applying the same rules to both is irrelevant, albeit fair.

Weak teams will always struggle against strong teams, but that’s not unfair as long as the rules are applied to both alliances :slightly_smiling_face:


I disagree. I like arrow barrage quite a bit because I find it thematically appropriate. I’m attacking them; they should have some sort of advantage. If this were a real battle they’d likely have some fortifications and / or artillery-like support.

I think there should be more war boosts like this. Like say the defenders pour hot tar over my attackers every now and then and then try to light me on fire.


:rofl: Can’t wait to see the Tar & Fire aid!

Very appropriate!


That’s a cool idea and the animation would be fun. But if it had a flat-rate DOT, it would be like the original arrows. It would need a DOT proportionate to health to affect all team strengths equally (more or less!). And everyone would need a Rigard!

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Having a lot of healers to choose from helps a lot in arrow wars. I tend to run all my war teams with two healers if I can (one if I can’t), and I barely even notice the arrows anymore. Defense buffers and attack debuffers help too since it makes it harder for the defense team to follow up an arrow attack with a one-shotting sniper hit. It’s also worth it to remember that the arrows cannot kill by themselves, and the arrows do less damage the lower your HP, so putting up minions if you can instead of healing can reduce the bite of the arrows quite a bit.

Maybe it’s just my weird play style, but I find the attack-boosting wars to be more challenging than either arrows or field aid. My healing/defense-heavy teams can shrug off arrows, and I’m prepared for long drawn-out slogs against field aid, but the accumulating attack buff tends to bite me hard during those long battles.


Simple solution : go mono. Arrows are almost irrelevant for a mono attack

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Bwahahaha. If they ever do Keep attacks… .

Arrow barrage was the first and the only defense global skill at first. When it was released it was devastating : % max health down VS % current health now. It is harmless as it is now.

Whereas the heal just makes you want to throw your phone through the window.



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