Arrow Attack Meter

Seems the meter is way too fast. It fills with just 1 or two good hits and even a brush of shields it moves quickly. Use to be I could go 5 turns before a attack now I get hit on turn 2 or 3. Please tone it down. It is really making playing AW a drag. I am not enjoying this at all. My best team was destroyed in turn 5. Really? It went down hill from there. Our other members have noticed this too.

The revenge arrows don’t depend on your tile hits. They fill in a set number of turns, from 3-7, depending upon how many enemy heroes are still alive. All 5, 7 turns. 4 alive, 6 turns. 3 alive, 5 turns, and so on.

They’re toning down arrows and adding alternative war effects in Beta right now. This should reach the full game in a few weeks.


That’s good to know. There needs to be something to balance out the massive advantage that the attackers hold, but the arrows are a little heavy handed.

NPNKY. That was the way it use to be but I watched the meter. It was clearly based on hits not set turns as it use to be.

That said I am glad they are addressing it.

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