Arrested Development - an up and coming alliance

Please join Arrested Development alliance.

If you’re looking for a solid group of low-key regular players to support/help you as you compete and optimize your teams, this is the right alliance for you!

  • while War is optional, please use all flags if you participate
  • please hit the titan daily; we mainly do 2* and 3* titans
  • All types of players are welcomed
  • Solid, responsive leadership
  • Easy ability to ascend to a leadership post

We have 5 members (2 with 1800+ cups)

Feel free to join if you are seeking an alliance to grow and become a better player

We have 6 members now and growing!!!

We now have 8-9 members and are still looking to grow!!

Also we max out at 3* titans right now.

You can grow as a player with this alliance.

We now have 7 members and compete for 2* titans.

We welcome new and ambitious players!!

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