Arrangement for 3* heroes and other questions

I read in the Coppersky’s Compendium that positioning matters for defensive teams, but does the same positioning logic apply to offensive teams?

Some of my heroes are getting killed pretty quickly on the Pirates of Corellia quests. I’m stuck on level 4, and since nothing tells me the power level (like a number) of the enemy team, I’m not sure if my heroes are in the wrong order, if I just need to use more battle items, or if the difficulty level is just too high for my current team.

Here’s my current order. All of my heroes are 3* and ascended to the 2nd level.

Bane – Karil – Isshtak – Azar – Balthazar

I also have Nashgar, Hawkmoon and Ulmer. Edit: I just got Friar Tuck, but haven’t leveled him yet.

Isshtak’s in the middle because he currently has the most health. Is health pool the only factor for tanks? Or does the defense number count as well? I read that weaker heroes should go next to the tank, with the stronger ones on the outside. But that 2nd to the middle spot seems to get hit pretty often. Is there any rhyme or reason to how/what direction the enemy NPCs attack during quests or the story?

Also, it’s unclear to me how the power level is calculated. My Bane is lvl 11 with 307 power and my Karil is level 9 with 311 power. Is it because Karil’s special ability is level 4 and Bane’s is at level 3? How does Power relate to the Attack number?

Hope someone can answer some or all of these questions! Thanks!

You hoped to finish it without maxed heroes? intermediate and advanced can be done but beginner level is different. I had near maxed heroes and only had a bit of trouble on the last level. By near maxed I mean skill might be at 6/8. I used bane belith azar berden and ganju. The computer seems to select random targets to hit, but its almost all about your damage…didnt need Belith’s healing once.

Ah gotcha. Yes, that does make sense. I was doing the lowest level, Rare, but I figured I’d get a little bit further along before I got stuck.

Lol ya wasn’t trying to sound rude. The “beginner” level isn’t really aimed at beginners. It’s for anyone who has a full set of 3* maxed and ready to go and if you plan to be competitive then you need 3-4 sets of each colour plus a ton of items. I finished intermediate and beginner with little problems…intermediate and advanced both with unmaxed heroes and only advanced needing a gem continuation as I don’t have time stop and tornadoes to use yet.

Rare can be finished without maxed levels

Just did it. Yes, it took me some time to figure out how, but managed.

Until level 9, I was playing with
Sha Ji 3/15, 2 star healer
Gan Ju 2/9
Valen, 3/50 maxed
Hawkmoon 2/10
Ulmer 1/15

I think I used few arrows for 8/9, and usually just small healing potions if healers took too long to fill. In my mind arrows and axes and stuff are for titans and should not be wasted on the map, so it took me a while to reconfigure my brain :slight_smile:

But last level I could not do.

Then I experimented, and winning crew was
Gan ju 1/1 unleveled
Gan ju 2/9
Valen 3/50, maxed
Nashgar 2/1
Ulmer 1/15

And I used arrows for each wave, then axes on last one, and antidotes and healing. Spend all of it. First killed lady locke. Since I’m antitalent for items, and I managed to bring all heroes alive until boss wave, I’m proud.

And yes, I finished, without paying 75 gems.

First try was failure, I forgot to heal heroes with potions so I just fled. Second was success.

But you can see that team is mediocre. Both in strength and heroes.

I finished the rare. Me happy. I’m playing for like month and a half, last time I couldn’t finish first for epic nor go above 4 for rare. Now I could do something :slight_smile:


In theory, AI algorithm is random, and can hit whoever, without the need of breaking the tank first.

In practice, sometimes I have a feeling it prefers to hit from the left to the right.

Also, off position matters when you do autoplay, in that case they will fire from the left to the right.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if opponent has heroes who have ability to hit nearby, you may reconfigure yours to lower the case that your two interesting ones get hit together, eg don’t put two healers together if you count on them…

I meant maxed as in not using a bunch of items which most would save for afterwards to be competitive. Obviously any hero team can finish it if all you do is throw arrows and axes etc at the enemy. At least for the last level having maxed heroes helps. Mine were maxed in level but not fully maxed in skills.

Yes, special skill level is included in the power calculation. Some people figured most of it; I don’t have the link, but it’s something like:
power = (attack * 1.2 + defense + health * 0.7) / 5 + skill_level * 5
(the correct formula has has other constants.)

I think AI randomly selects a a target from your 5 heroes (or how many are alive). Which makes the 2 heroes on the sides a bit less likely to be hit by the opponents that attack 3 heroes.

I used many items in last level only, and beat in second try. Just smallest health potion, and arrow or two in levels 7-9 - for me, that isn’t ‘throwing everything’ and ‘not saving for later’.

If your goal is just finish rare, it can be done, but you need to figure out which combination of heroes work. I always play with at least 2-1-1-1 colorwise, and very often 2-2-1, which I did here as well.

Strategy yields better results in this game than fire power alone.

If I managed to do some damage with unleveled one, higher power will only make it easier.

Ya I used Berden Belith Bane Azar and Gan Ju…only had to use items on the last level. Not the best team combo, but i ran out of time to finish maxing others as too many events keep coming up lol. Last stage I redid it and beat it on the second try.

My point: using items doesn’t make your victory worthless, nor you’re lesser player if you use items, for any level.

You need skills in all cases, and with items you can help yourself in bad board or weaker hero combo… and that’s their purpose.

Another point: yes you can finish rare end level with 1 maxed, 3 half way and 1 unleveled hero, with some items, and be happy that you did it. I think that should be one of the goals, and it’s worth to try it.

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Thanks for all the help and the calculation, guys. I also finally got an epic hero, which should help. I have a bit more room to play around with combinations.

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