ARMOUR OF GOD (NEW Alliance Recruiting)

We’re a Brand New Alliance of game loving friendly adults who work together in perfect synergy, highly competitive without the pressure we hit hard in our War and on our Titans . We expect maximum effort from our team but we don’t lose sight of the fun aspect of the game .

We laugh, we cry we joke and chat off topic , we’re just a cool bunch of peeps even if I say so myself. Most of all we’re War and Titan ready and ready for you to join us .
If your wanting to join an alliance that you can actually enjoy the fun whilst kicking butt.

We Are Offering

  • Friendly and chatty international alliance with a lot of experience .
  • Daily activity on line app
  • We help and advise on growth
  • Slaying titans Daily
  • Coordinated War Strategy + War Tank Rotation


  • 20+ maxed 5* heroes (40+ maxed 4*/5* heroes ready for War) and lvl 20+ Troops
  • Defense Team of 4500+
  • Daily Activity in Titan hits - Minimum of 100k per every titan called “Kill”
  • Full War Flags used when opted in War
  • Line Application mandatory for better communication

**If you are interested in joining us you can reach out on Line app to MaddogP

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