Armed and Operational - Mid level alliance looking for players

“Armed and Operational” … we

  • Are about 6 months old
  • Currently have 24/30 members
  • Have leaders are active and help the members improve
  • Are killing 9* and 10* titans
  • Have war defense teams vary from 3600 to 4500+ averaging around 4100
  • Have a war strategy and typical war scores in the 4700 to 5000 range

We’re looking for players who:

  • Are active
  • Understand the game mechanics (or are willing to learn them)
  • Like to play with an Alliance that organizes and coordinates Titans/Wars
  • Use their Titan/War attacks when they can, but, also understand that life comes before game apps and don’t get upset if someone misses an attack
  • Like an active Alliance chat
  • Have at least 1600 rating

Rules are:

  • Hit the titan if you are online
  • If you miss 12 or more attacks over the course of 4 consecutive wars, you will be removed (exceptions may be made based on unusual circumstances and time in Alliance)

Optional are:

  • Line
  • War (must opt out if you do not plan to participate)

Alliance is Open, so, if this sounds like you, go ahead and join us! Also, open to groups joining. If you have any questions, post here or my line ID is dmi69

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