Arman’s DOT and -healing do not persist when fighters revive [SOLVED: status effects do not get applied if direct damage kills the target first]

I’ve seen this at least twice in the current 3* rush mode tourney (pretty much the only time I use Arman)

I had fired Arman and Ulmer, so all my remaining opponents had status effects of -def, sand DOT, and -healing.

A fighter class hero killed and self-revived with 1hp.

Normally, DOT would persist across death and revive but he came back with only the -def status effect.

Hmmmm…perhaps this is intended behavior rather than a bug? I am pretty sure that Arman killed the hero with direct damage so perhaps they could not have the status effects applied while dead and then when revived they were not there?

Anybody know if this is intended or not?

Possible, but not the case here.

Arman is 4 turn DOT

Ulmer is 6 turn debuff

Arman DOT most likely expired while Ulmer’s debuff has 2 turns left.

This sounds familiar


Found it.


Ok, good to know that it is intended/expected.

I’m sure that Arman’s effects hadn’t expired due to turns elapsed. (In one case, it was still present on non-revived opponents.

I also chose to use Arman, hoping that he would auto-kill if there was another revive. That is a big nope!


Maybe a very very niche use for Vlad?

Only use I have for Vlad is feeding him to better heroes :rofl: but it is a good idea with useful DOT only heroes like Proteus, Cheshire Cat, Natalya, or Lady Locke.

And since he is already very fast, I wouldn’t use him in a rush mode tourney if I had kept him and leveled him up!


Just for you, @Gryphonknight, I made the title longer!

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Just Bumping this thread…

I just had the same thing happen with Yunan.

Sequence of events:

  1. Elena was at 4 HP remaining.
  2. Fired Yunan’s special
  3. Elena died from direct damage
  4. Revive Kicked in
  5. Elena Revived without the DoT or Healing Reduction

@Petri, @KiraSG, @mhalttu, @Sara @ScottySG any comment if this is working as intended?

Sequence seems to be that the rest of a Special Skill doesn’t apply if the hero dies & revives from the direct damage component of a skill…
Other examples might include Sartana, Marjana, Grave Maker, JabberWock and any other hero with a Direct Damage first then DoT/Status Ailment afterwards

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I am guessing it is “as intended” due to the linear sequence of special skill effects … just like Kagebuado, who does a dispel before damage is done, so counterattack, defense buffs, etc don’t apply since they are dispelled first.

In this case, the sequence is:

  1. Direct damage.
  2. Target killed by direct damage.
  3. Remaining parts of special skill do not apply to dead heroes.
  4. Hero revives, and the status effects are not on the hero in question.
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Hi, thanks for the report! We investigated this here and it should be working as intended. The damage kills Elena, so she won’t get the status effects from Yunan.


I’ll accept it but in terms of making sense, if you got hit by a poisoned dart and died from it hitting your heart or something, the poison is still in the dart and still enters your blood stream no?

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Has this changed? I’ve not been recording evidence, but it sure looks like status effects are being applied after heroes are killed by direct damage, and are then present when the (fighter) hero revives.

At least on raid defense; My own fighters don’t seem to get used in a way they revive as often as my raid opponents do, so I don’t recall it either way on raid offense, and I haven’t checked for this on the map/quests/etc.

Nope not changed. Just inconsistent :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes it does apply if the target is killed by direct damage. other times not…

I haven’t payed enough attention to work out the specifics and see if there is a pattern but I’ll see if I can make some notes.

A month or three ago status effects were never applied after the target was killed.

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Thats what they said but it was inconsistent even then :stuck_out_tongue:

Today in the raids I noticed another bug with ailments!
In a normal situation, if the hero has power-ups or ailments, he dies, but thanks to the talent he is resurrected again, then all the power-ups and ailments are saved.
however, today, during the raids, my mariana killed a rival kingston, thanks to his talent, he was resurrected… without the ailment of a burn!!!
Developers! Do it normally: after the resurrection, all the heroes ’ ailments and power-ups either remained or did not remain. but also at all! and then it turns out an incomprehensible and absolutely illogical situation: one hero is saved, the other is not!

Hiya @Linuxoid,

I’ve merged your thread into an existing forum thread which answers the question your thread posed.

It’s due to the order of effects.

The game executes in a linear A then B then C way; reflected in the order that a hero card is written.

So in this case, how that explains what happened is that the Revive Talent processes (and occurs) immediately after death… So how this plays out:

  1. You target enemy Kingston with Marjana

  2. Direct damage done to Kingston

  3. Kingston dies from the direct damage

    • Revive Chance processes the INSTANT HP goes below 0
  4. Revive talent successful so Kingston goes into Ghost Mode

  5. Burn Ailment tries to apply (but can’t because Kingston is in Ghost Mode)

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Maybe then let the developers remove the talents altogether? With them, there are even more questions and bugs, for example, why does the opponent’s hero resurrect with a probability of 6% 10 times per fight, and my hero with a probability of 30% - never? until version 15 of the game, there were no talents, everything was clear: if the hero was hit, then he was damaged, if the hero was killed, then he was killed. And now it turns out that when I won and killed the last hero of the opponent, and then he resurrects with 1 point and kills my entire team, how do I understand this? Talents made the game even worse!

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