Ariel – New Atlantis Hero: First Thoughts & Discussion

Rigard has unlocked an upgrade

Basically a 5* Rigard.

Cleric fits very well.

I want her especially at 5*+19 or +20

Looking for patterns everywhere

Rumored to be heavily nerfed from Beta because she was a nightmare with with the mana buff and a status lock. Which would have overlapped with Aeron ‘s status lock. Interesting the Devs released Ariel and Aeron together. Why will we want a status lock in the future.


I want her but I love Rigard (2 maxed). I never leave home without him.

She would be a great addition as I only currently have Isarnia as a 5* blue. I have 2x Richards (1@60), Thorne, and 2nd Isarnia but they will sit the bench for quite some time.

Same(ish) opinion. Comparing a defense buff to increased mana generation is apples and oranges- it depends on situation which is more useful and the rest of the team.

But if you have to compare them anyway, Ariel is better. + 24% mana generation on a legendary with average speed definitely had been considered OP back in the game’s earlier days- why Khagan was made slow. It’s considered acceptable these days



Ahhhhh!!! I just drew her off a coin pull!! Honestly I’ve wanted this card so badly since info was leaked. My current lineup is Kiril - Joon - Santa - Khiona - Caed. She’ll make the perfect replacement for Kiril!! My first viable blue 5*!! I’m going to use her in both attack and defense, I prefer attacking with balanced and well rounded teams.

Now what do I do with all the gems I saved up…?


What is the percentage difference between mama speed ( very fast , fast , average and slow ) ?

Somewhat surprising stats for a defense oriented hero. Low hp but quite high attack. I could imagine folks trying to run her on a tank and definitely on flank - could justify using some slower heroes in the back. She makes my Kunchen investment look pretty bad now - average (+ the buff!) vs his slow mana looks pretty misbalanced.

Timing for the release is somewhat uncomfortable with Frida around the corner. Pretty tough decision if you get luck to pull both now. First world problems.

She’s broken. As is she should have been slow, or get removed the cleanse with the classic 34% heal. Another step to the god tier new heroes that justifies spending more and more…

I’m gong to be pulling for both her and Friday later today when Frida goes live. For me, Ariel will be an easy choice since I have Arthur already maxed.


You can wait for the next event in 2 weeks. That would probably be the best. But that would depend if you have the heros or not. I can’t recall what is next.

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I’d go magni

20 chars

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No one here is talking about her design. The art is horrible compared to other heroes. When I first saw her earlier in the Atlantis missions I was like who the hell hired a 5 year old artist at SGG? It is bad, really really bad.

As far as her as a hero, I think she is the best pure 5* healer just due to average speed. She’s the Rigard upgrade that Kunchen should have been.


Mana speed dictates the number of tiles needed to charge the hero (on offense):

  • Very fast = 6.5 -> 7
  • Fast = 8
  • Average = 10
  • Slow = 12
  • Very slow = 13.5 —> 14

Tiles required round up, hence the numbers after the —>. The tile count can be affected by troops or specials, like Ariel’s. When under Ariel’s buff, tile counts are:

  • Very fast = 5.2 —> 6
  • Fast = 6.5 —> 7
  • Average = 8.06 —> 9
  • Slow = 9.7 —> 10
  • Very slow = 10.9 —> 11

Good mana troops can scrape another tile off each of these speeds.


Aerial look good a decent blue healer to combine with Kiril if needed. Issue I is is similar to Isarnia high attack and reasonable defence but really low health for a 5* hero in my eyes.

Read the defense and health numbers together. A good proxy for “tankiness” is 2*defense plus health. By this measure she’s markedly more durable than Vivica.


First Blue i’ve wanted since pulling Athena. Sadly, 12 pulls and no luck getting a 5*. I got my 2nd and 3rd Triton though :confused:

Awesome card, im not a healer type guy but she is now the best imho.

Almost as much effective healing as Delilah on the same speed, with a cleanse and mana buff. The mana buff sounds better than it is, but it’s something.

I’d put her right there with Delilah as the best depending on what color tank you’re fighting.
Gravemaker tanks take another hit.

Tried 14 draws, but she evaded me. Oh well, she will be there again.

Good stats.
Good speed.
Good cure.
Good cleanse.
Good mana generation.



I want her really bad. Not only am I lacking a blue 5* I wish to max, my defense team is lacking a healer since I don’t want to use Kiril and khiona on the same team so for blue I’m using sonya. I have one 5* maxed in the other colors besides blue but none heal. I just did a 10 pull for now and I got Aeron so that’s atleast a 5* healer but I want the BLUE one. When the next HOTM rolls out I’m gonna do more pulls.

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I haven’t read this thread yet sorry if this is a repeat but she will be amazing against Gravemaker tanks!!

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