Ariel – New Atlantis Hero: First Thoughts & Discussion

New Atlantis Hero Released: Ariel!

What do you think of Ariel?

This thread is for initial thoughts and discussion on Ariel.

Based on preferences of Forum members expressed recently, please try to stick mainly to Ariel and not wander off topic too much to other heroes.

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I somehow have ZERO blue 5* at the moment, despite many of each other color (4 of which are Elena), so she would make my defense as it stands. In the long run I dont think that a straight healer with fairly vanilla stats is a fantastic defender, but she will be a boon to my blue stack


What do you think about the mana buff?

And about her compared to, say, Vivica?

Better than Viv for the average mana alone.


That’s my thought too. Higher attack and defense, not insanely lower health, average speed instead of slow.

Seems like a solid 5* healer to have around at first glance to me in comparison to Vivica. Certainly enough that I’m glad I can wait a couple days on giving Vivica Darts.


Was Ariel originally supposed to be yellow?

No, I just meant that if I get Ariel, I’ll likely max her (with Telescopes) and save my Darts for now instead of giving them to Vivica shortly as planned.

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She’s WAY better than Viv. Average is pretty much the slowest speed that is useful for a healer in this crazy fast meta, except for the revivers. Mana buff is pretty good, but not quite good enough to make her a great defender


Oh! For some reason, I thought she was originally planned to be yellow. I don’t pay too much attention though.
I just pulled her and now I’m put in a tough spot. I pulled Kunchen earlier this month and i said i was going to give him my tabards because i wanted a 5* healer on my team. I got that last one and gave it to Panther.
I’ve been getting used to raiding without a healer.

Magni might still get my first set of scopes. I just pulled Grimm up to final and i need him for titans. So, it’ll be a couple of weeks before i can work on Ariel.

Someone change my mind about giving her scopes instead? I also have Alice and Richard both at 2/60.

I prefer to raid with a healer when possible like you, but I’m not convinced the optimal move isn’t to just bring a 4* healer if you’re set on bringing one, and bringing the best possible hitters. I’d personally forego Magni and max Alice without a second thought, but neither move is wrong


if you have richard, you may want frido, march HOTM too. They work well together.
However, in your case, I would give the first set of scopes to Alice who is a more well rounded hero. Ariel is good, but I don’t think her special is better than many of 5* healers this game already have. Initially I thought her special prevent ailments for 3 turns, like aeron, which would make her the best healer IMO. However, as she is now, I think she is only on par with the rest of the healers, maybe with a slight edge.


I want her so bad, but don’t have the budget for a 10 or 30 summon. World energy costs are also hitting hard, so I can’t hope for a lot of free draws.
I have no 5* healers, only one cleric (Boril) and no team cleanse either. She’d be the perfect fit.

Average mana and 40% heal is strong. Unlike Kunchen with his slow mana, she’d actually be a Rigard upgrade.


On the plus side, Ariel will definitely be featured again either next Atlantis or the one after. So you have some time to work through new stages and get more coins. :slight_smile:


I really really want this hero… So I won’t get her :sob: (never get the ones I really want lol)


Very solid 5* healer. When you see how good is Rigard, she will do the job.
Perfect healer for offense and titans. Less good in defense but still very solid.
A bit boring but very effective.


Mana buff is awsome on defense, if you pair her flanking the tank she will probably fire once and that on def boosts the hits a friggin lot.

Would do a great pair with santa or ares.


She is Vivica 2.0 and could serve as solid tank when she will be emblemed Def > HP > Atk.

Her best flankers should be the obvious Gravemaker and Victor.

Highest healing with mana bonus and cleanse, she will be the go-to healer for every raid and every red titan.

A cleric with a mana generation skill is the best class combination to have a shot to prevent the buff’s removal due to the opposite effect being applied.


Woke up and decided to use my coins. Very first summons…



Good morning to you haha

stop now…