Ariel Mana Generation

I have Ariel Elradir and Xnolphod what I am wondering is if when Ariel buff is active does it increase the mana
given by Elradir and Xnolphod

I believe the answer is yes.
Frosth works with Ariel, so I imagine Elradir does too.

Percentage gains also can be boosted in towers and many used Xnolphod to achieve that.

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I would think probably not. The effects are different.

Ariel increases the rate of standard mana generation from tiles.
Elradir adds mana based on getting status ailments.
Xnolphod boosts current mana level.

I don’t see how any of them would affect each other.

Edit: I could be wrong, if Frosth works with Ariel then Elradir should too.

Stacks. I used Lolo to copy Ariel for her +24% mana gen.

With Toxic activated, my attack team kept lighting up and the board wasn’t great to start with.

Works with Andre too.

Combo of Inari Andre Toxic works good too.

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I have no clue as I have none of the heroes mentioned. But I do consider one factor: whenever a hero has their mana generation boosted or nerfed it affects mana potions (ie: reduce a hero mana generation and feed them a super mana potion: it won’t fill 100% of it)

So I guess that when Ariel boosts mana generation it’s across all mana sources, not just tiles.