🔱 Ariel – 5* Ice/Blue from Season 2

I got my ariel from HA like a day before the costume came out.

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I suppose losers can’t be choosers so to speak lol, she is very decent and probably better on defense than the more recent Ainu or even costume rumple

2-1/2 years later, she is still my stellar hero. Even without her costume I use her everywhere, and she is still my best healer.


Ariel with or without costume is hands down one of the most precious hero. Heals, cleanses, adds mana. A great example of a hero that you should get a few and never have to worry about chasing other healers to pair for war teams. Not easily replaced after years.


I couldn’t find a limit broken costume-less Ariel card in the “Show me your limit broken heroes” thread - anyone have this by any chance? Lol thanks!


Here you go.


Thanks @Predatorhunter, still extremely viable in today’s meta…not sure what everyone is on about


If i ever go mono blue she is usually on the team and in other circumstances aswell, used to be great paired with xnolphod . Do want her costume though.


LOL I thought it was strange my LB Ariel at +18 has the exact same stats then I realized 19 and 20 don’t boost the stats.

I have way too many clerics (and even more monks). Which is weird being agnostic :rofl:


I am thinking of taking her form FS, but she will have to compete with Skadi and C Alaise. Eventually she will make it to the last tier. Hope I get her costume sometime to motivate me to take her

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I still can’t decide between Ariel and Onatel from Fated Summon.

Onatel seems much tankier and able to survive; Ariel +20 without LB (no costume) seems a tiny bit flimsy in today’s meta (costume Kiril +20 +LB is pretty solid for a 4*, around the same stats as Ariel +20?).

Both would be amazing for events, Ariel is more of a team player though with the mana boost. I can see Ariel doing better in war, but Onatel would probably be pretty good too.

I. Just. Can’t. Decide!!

If the Fated Summon choices lasted for a year I would be at peace because I know I could take both of em, but if it changes in February I am going to take my time to decide lol


I just pulled Skadi with costume, so (for me) Onatel would be different, but of course the final call is up to you., @FrenziedEye .

Wish that you knew you could get both Ariel and Onatel, as well.

So, the choices for fated summon change/ rotate? Apparently I have not been following all the topics enough. I will check in news, updates, or beta about that.

Good luck deciding…hope you end up happy either way .

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It’s predicted to rotate every 3 months apparently, hang on one tic…

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Ariel is great and have used her a TON even prior to getting her costume. Yes, she is flimsy but never had an issue, I usually place her on the edge to help avoid damage. I couldn’t tell ya the last time i used Onatel, maybe in a rush event but otherwise not too much use. Ultimately it boils down to what you need and currently have on your roster. Do you need a yellow support hero or a healing/cleanser/mana booster??

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Cheers @Atch

I reckon my LB Waddles +20 does 2/3 of what Onatel does; just thinking about whether I need another mana controller for wars and events.

Ariel definitely is more of a team player and would make far more sense… lol…

I’m probably 60% on Ariel right now :slight_smile:


I don’t know why I hesitated.

Just tried her in a map at 3-50 with Ludwig (slowly levelling her as I don’t want to use my feeders too quickly)

Ariel’s mana regen complements Ludwig’s mana up over 6 turns, it’s like a match made in heaven! And she basically helps the others who don’t have Ludwig’s boost fire faster (including Ludwig himself)

No regrets, thanks all


Great point … I believe I will keep her.

Mana boost healers always will be helpful and won’t get old!

Sure many new heroes may offer new passives, skills and have more power and hp
but Ariel is an old time classic!