Ariel 24% mana gain for allies

I’ve noticed ariel’s special, 24% mana increase for allies is not working within the 4 active turns. Please advise.

Can you elaborate as to why you think it is not working, with some videos or screenshots if possible? Thank you.

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Just tried it and it seems to be working fine !
Fired Ariel then 3 yellow tiles and Drake had full mana and ready to fire, so looks okay to me unless I’m missing something.

I’m using her in raids with minion heroes. I purposely wait for all 5 heroes to have full mana, set them all off at the same time and In subsequent turns (4) the only mana gain is the color tiles that I used from the board. Does the 24% only apply to tile combos, or are all heroes to get 24% mana gain after each turn, regardless of tile combos?

Thank you for you fast response. I love the game and pay close attention to team building based on synergy.

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Thanks Marie1, I didn’t realize the mana gain was based on tile combo, make sense. Confusion on my part. Thanks again.


Yup, as @Marie1 has rightly pointed out the mana gain is exclusively from tiles. The only hero who have mana regeneration on per turn basis is Alberich. And then there some other heroes who gain mana even without mana regen like Onatel, Misandra (to allies) and Inari minions. :slight_smile:

You can check out this thread for details on how mana generation works (especially, the Special Cases section) :slight_smile:


I play her in reverse, other heros launch their specials first (if theyre ready) so no mana left then Ariel last and with a diamond or good combo of tiles they’re ready to fire again.
Love Ariel best healer around imo

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